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Now more than ever, the world needs loving parents. Parents that devote their lives to their kids, helping them to strive and be better and grow naturally. How do you help your child find their feet in life? This is a question that has left many people pondering and even more confused and worried. So many parents want their children to find their way in life, but don’t know how to help them live lives that accommodate this quest. Only your child can find what they want to do and enjoy, but we can at least give them things that will better facilitate their growth. Sometimes it’s things like books and media, other times its things like clothes and practical items like glasses. All of these things matter as they impact your child’s psyche and their ability to explore themselves. So let’s begin this journey with an open heart and willingness to not skip over any unturned stone.


Johannesburg Library

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For any of your millennials out there that have kids or older couples, you will know what a library is. Yes, it’s a building that has books in it! But many kids don’t even know what these brilliant buildings are for! With the advent of technology such as smartphones, people can read books with just a pocket rocket computer. It’s amazing, but it’s also sad. Libraries were places where you could go as a kid, and get lost in the world of imagination. We could read so many different books, take our time to sit down, enjoy a drink and a snack. Nowadays, we can read all the books that have ever been digitized, on our smartphones for sure, but some of the magic has been lost.

So take your child to a library and show them around. Let them enjoy the things great libraries have, such as the architecture. So many libraries like the London Library have incredible works of art inside, such as sculptures, statues and figurines. You should take them to an ancient library, such as those found in Egypt and Macedonia. Libraries are fountains of knowledge, but they are also capsules of human history. 


Kids Eyeglasses


Many children that have eyesight concerns, will be in need of glasses very early on in life. This is something that many parents are okay with, but their children are not. For one thing, their young skin is very sensitive, so wearing glasses all day long can be very irritating. However, they may not want to wear glasses, because they think it will make them look like, as the kids say, a ‘dork’. But things have changed, kids aren’t as petty or quick to bully another anymore and glasses such as those from are very stylish. They have a number of different ranges, many of which have been designed for the younger generations. They are sleek, slick, slim and made with a number of different materials which can add even more style. 

Take them for an eye exam and then when you know what kind of lenses they require, you can have them fitted into any type of glasses you want. It’s a very good idea to teach your children about eyesight and what being short or long sighted means. This can prevent any undue worries from building.




Foot pronation is so important to understand for parents to understand as it dictates so many other things. Firstly your kids will be planting their feet in one of three ways. 

  • Inside arch: This is when the inner part of the foot has a high arch and this can create an inside twice of the foot. It can rotate the foot as it strikes the ground and sometimes, rotate the ankle outwards.
  • Outer arch: This when the outer part of the foot has more an arch and this your foot tends to rotate outward. This can sometimes lead the angle to rotate inward. 
  • Flat foot: This when the foot has next to no arch at all and the entire food strikes in one hard impact. This can also mean that your child has less spring in their step and therefore, can cause more fatigue to build in their legs.

Going to an orthopedist will show you what kind of foot shape your child has. This will then let you know what kind of shoes they should be wearing. Many modern shoe brands are making it fully aware that they design shoes with all three-foot types in mind. So there’s no excuse for not getting the right shoe for your kid.




A big part of human culture is to dress a certain way which expresses who you are. So many children don’t actually know what fashion and or style is. They end up following the crowd and wearing things that they wouldn’t personally wear if it wasn’t for peer pressure. But what alternative do they have?

Well, it’s a different mindset which you have to instil in them because fashion comes and goes but the style will stay. If your kids are of the age of 15 and over, they will want to know more about what clothes are all about.

Genres and style:

  • If your kid is more into rock music, show them the rocker fashion through the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. It will give them a flavour for what their options are and which brands allow them to express themselves better.
  • Maybe your kid is more into contemporary rap, so show them some brands that make specific urban clothing and specialize in streetwear style. 
  • What if they just love cars and the old fashioned way of dressing? Well, this is just a niche example, but you could show them books of classic drivers and study how they dress. 

Don’t see this as trivial. Many kids won’t actually know how to dress until they are older in life. It’s a sad fact of modern living because parents don’t give them life lessons outside of relationships and finances but, knowing how to feel confident in the way you are dressed is a big boost to their confidence. 




In this day and age, parents need to teach their children about all types of relationships. Whether it’s heterosexual, gay or bi, or anything in between, kids need to understand their feelings and what they are attracted to. If you leave it too late, they may not have established the proper understanding of the different sexes and what is and isn’t permissible.

But it’s very important parents don’t influence them, just be there to educate them when they ask questions. But it’s a good idea to give them some education regarding these different attractions, using books, documentaries and online content (that is safe). 

Talk to them about it. Talk about your growing up and finding out who you were and what you were attracted to and why. Children will feel vulnerable, confused and timid when they first start to talk about sexual attraction. But it’s something every good parent will be ready for and letting them understand why they feel how they feel. This can be done with the aid of classic stories such as Romeo and Juliet whereby young love is explained and the trappings of emotions, etc.

Parents that can help their kids find their feet early on in life, will set them up to be true individuals with confidence and self-understanding. Helping them with relationships is just as important as giving them the right clothes for the body type. Our job is to build a complete person.


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