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It’s Mothers Day weekend out here in South Africa this weekend, and as is the tradition at most schools with little people, a fuss is always made over the moms. 

In the last few schools our son has attended, although we were “included” the fuss was clearly still directed at the female parent. Or rather at the person who gave birth to the child attending the school.

Our society has evolved guys.

Many homes today don’t have the typical setup of a mom and dad.

For the first time our son’s new school although acknowledging that Sunday is Mothers Day, their focus was on LOVE.

Full Stop!

Whether it’s love from mom, dad, grandparent, aunt or uncle or even older sibling, these individuals love them. The kids should know that everyone present loves them. 

The activity planned was also not focused on “typical” mom activities like manis or pedis or floral keyrings or pink slippers. The activity was gender neutral and simple. Involving all the parents present, regardless of the title they hold in the family. This was followed by a dance routine by the kids, parents were encouraged to participate too, to the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. 

It’s was a beautiful morning of love for the kids. Some even put the parents to shame with their dance moves. 

The effort by the school to “normalize” alternative families give the kids a broader perspective and make them more tolerant and appreciative of the diversity of our modern day society. Something our society has a dire need for. 

Love that the school is setting an example for our kids… tomorrows leaders. 

Let’s stop focusing on the commercial side of these celebrations, and put more focus on showing our kids that they are loved.



The United Nations has proclaimed June 1 as “Global Day of Parents”, the US celebrates it on the fourth Sunday in July. South Africa, already embrace so many of the American holidays and habits, why don’t the powers that be embrace Global Parents Day too? This way both parents or those individuals that fulfill the role of a parent in the kids’ lives are included. No awkward scenarios to decide how to handle the alternative family setup. At one of the old schools, it was even suggested that perhaps the kids with no mother figure stay home so as not to feel “out”. 



I’m not for a minute trying to dimish the role of the mother in any child’s life. I am saying let’s appreciate that times have changed and that not every child has a birth mother in their lives, but perhaps yes mother figures. Let’s appreciate that reality in our society today. 

Let’s embrace every child as each is an individual and their family setup may be very different from what society deems to be “normal family setup”. 



Our moms aren’t around forever.

Make sure our mothers or those assuming the role of a mother, know they are loved daily.

So, don’t wait for this Sunday to make the “Mother” in your family feel appreciated. Pick up that phone and dial. 

Tomorrow may just be too late!


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  1. Darren

    Awesome post…i love the youtube post at the end…its so pertinent and relevant…just love!

    • Emanuel

      Thank you, thought so too 🙂


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