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Month: August 2017

Dad’s role at home is changing, are South African brands taking note?

I’m sure it’s not only me that’s noticed that the days where many fathers played a very low-key role in the home have mostly disappeared. Growing up in my little village in Swaziland, it was quite the norm for mothers to be home running the household, while fathers brought home the “bacon” and seen as the disciplinarian. It was natural then for brands to target the mothers with their communication – radio, tv and print adverts.  The modern father Today’s dad or father doesn’t need to be married, he can be single. He can be straight or gay. In...

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Inspirational Women 2017 – Cecile Brody (S-W-M)

In my eyes Cecile’s decision to leave behind a successful career, pack her bags and trek across the globe with her son to start a whole new life is admirable. So many of us, find it challenging to change jobs within our very own city. In the time that I’ve known Cecile and her family I’ve known her to be so strong, no matter the challenge before she chooses to see the positive side to every situation. She’s taught me what unconditional love is, and how to always strive for more. As a Single-Working-Mom (SWM) I admire what you have...

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Our active weekend as a family, Running, Cycling and the Circus

RUN This past Sunday was rather busy and active. Our day started super early as I had entered the Wanderers Race part of the Discovery Vitality race, another sold out event for the organizers.  I had to be there early as I had not yet collected my number for the race. The race started at 7 am which was great, so with only 15 minutes to spare I had my number pinned.  For the series I’m only running 10kms and was proved on Sunday morning I need more mileage on my legs still. With the mornings still being rather...

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Ultra cool MyKi Watch keeps kids and parents in touch

Whenever we’re out in public my biggest fear is losing our child. From time to time we hear or read about incidents where parents lose their kids at either a Mall or Expo for example. The kids are there next to you the one second and gone, literally into thin air the next. Sometimes the kids wander off and then can’t find their parent(s) or God forbid, someone attempts to take them from you. The MyKi Watch seems to be the answer parents like us have been waiting for. Thanks to Gammatek a leading distributor of technology accessories and gadgets...

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Wits Theatre is proud to present the So Solo 2017 Festival from 27 September to 8 October 2017. Now in its fourth year, the much-acclaimed festival has become an annual barometer of the predominant undercurrent within South African society.  Established by Gita Pather, Director of Wits Theatre in 2013, the So Solo Festival celebrates the one-person play and offers audiences a diversity of thought provoking theatrical experiences from some of South Africa’s most talented actors. This year’s chosen plays allow audiences to immerse themselves in the stories that reflect the huge diversity of experience and reality.  Part of the line-up...

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