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Month: September 2017

Toddler and the sugar rush … is it real?

You always hear about a toddler being hyper or on a sugar rush, if we feed them too much sugar infused snacks. Up until recently, I honestly didn’t believe it to be true. Perhaps, to be honest, I thought our son was immune to it. until recently that is… Recently we began to notice a huge change in behaviour after the Friday post-school ice-cream and early evening hot chocolate or Milo. He went into an overactive mode, wanting to jump around when he should be getting ready for bed. Screaming and crying like someone has done him extreme harm,...

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SPLASH! CIRCUS – The show goes on …

Following a challenging start in South Africa while they awaited the arrival of the remaining international acts, Weber Brothers Entertainment and Matthew Cook are delighted to announce that SPLASH! CIRCUS is back on stage at The Globe at Silverstar Casino, with performances continuing from Thursday 7 September – Sunday 17 September. This is their last week at The Globe.  Originating in Russia, SPLASH CIRCUS is a circus concept that has become popular over the last 19 years. The show combines all the elements of Circus that family audiences have loved for generations, but now with a modern twist. The first half of the show is presented in...

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Working on balancing “life” and training – Comrades 2018

The past, nearly three weeks, have passed by in a blur. Not that they have passed that fast but more the “busyness” of the last three weeks. Coupled with everything that has happened just made it seem to fly by so fast! My training has almost stalled and I think that if I ran 5 times in the past three weeks, made it to the gym for a weight workout twice and took four spinning classes during that time it was a lot.    When life is sweet, it’s sweet and when it’s bitter it’s downright despicable and nasty....

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Inspirational Women 2017 – Nthabiseng Moloi (Career Mom)

I know “Woman’s Month” is over, but I am sure you will agree with me we should actually be recognizing the women in our lives daily. So, I share with you one last post on the Inspirational Women of 2017.  From the moment I met Nthabiseng just over a decade ago, I knew there was something special about her. We’ve grown from being just colleagues to holding true friendship. She’s become like the older sister I turn to when the chips are down or if I want to share an achievement. Nthabi inspires both men and women socially and...

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Mugg & Bean Brings True Meaning of Sharing to Cupcakes 4 Cancer Initiative

Cancer came into my life through a friend. I ran a series of posts last year over on my original blog where she shared with us her journey. Since then I’ve become super aware of Cancer. How it challenged her and her family, I would not wish it on anyone. Now to be a kid and affected by it, the thought alone is horrifying. Any little bit that we can do to assist the fight against this disease should be supported. This initiative by Mugg & Bean and the Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer organisation is so worth it. Join me and...

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