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Author: Darren

Working on balancing “life” and training – Comrades 2018

The past, nearly three weeks, have passed by in a blur. Not that they have passed that fast but more the “busyness” of the last three weeks. Coupled with everything that has happened just made it seem to fly by so fast! My training has almost stalled and I think that if I ran 5 times in the past three weeks, made it to the gym for a weight workout twice and took four spinning classes during that time it was a lot.    When life is sweet, it’s sweet and when it’s bitter it’s downright despicable and nasty....

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Training on hold… I’m sick – Comrades 2018

It’s been kinda hectic This past week was one in which I felt less enthusiastic to go for a run. I put it down to the half-marathon that I had run the previous Sunday, that and the mileage I had clocked the past few weeks. By this time I knew better than to push when my body didn’t want to so I kind of let it slide and didn’t venture out onto the road at all last week. Work had also been pretty manic so I couldn’t go for a short, quick run in the afternoon. Besides, hubby had...

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Training Update … Comrades 2018

Bodybuilding a dream Thursday morning straight after my last blog post I made it to the gym. I got stuck into a strenuous back routine. As you might have realised or not. I am no longer a gym fanatic. No longer have aspirations of trying to emulate my bodybuilding heroes of the early 1990’s. Heroes like Bob Paris, Lee Labrada, Rich Caspari or Shawn Ray. I used to spend a lot of money on all the international body building magazines. Reading up on their training routines, supplementation, competitions etc.   Training Training up to 6 days a week and...

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Training check … as I prepare for Comrades 2018

Two months into my Comrades 2018 training and so far so good. I am a little behind on the mileage I had hoped to track by now, 120 kilometres to be exact, but I am quietly confident that I am on track with my preparations for my first Comrades marathon.   Training so far has gone really well, I have run consistently and regularly and have maintained my aim of running longer, slower distances over the weekends and quicker, shorter distances in the week, more out of time limitations than anything else. The important thing is that I have...

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And so it begins…my road to Comrades 2018

The Comrades Marathon has captured the imagination of the world and inspired hundreds of thousands of runners to attempt the 90km run Durban to Pietermaritzburg (the up run) or from Pietermaritzburg to Durban (the down run). In 1981, at the age of 13, I remember watching Bruce Fordyce win the first of his 9 Comrades Marathon’s, unbeknown to me or anyone at that stage, that he would go on to win another 8 and dominate the race like no one else ever would again.   At that time in my life, I had taken a very keen interest in...

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