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Mazda CX3


Two Dads and a Kid were incredibly fortunate in 2018-19 to have had access to four different Mazda models to review and share our opinions and experiences. This Japanese brand has been a regular on the roads in Southern Africa for as long as I can remember and judging by the superb build quality, engineering prowess and dynamic styling Mazda is going to remain a popular vehicle choice for South Africans for a long time to come. #ad

Our most recent sojourn with a Mazda was with the mid-range SUV, the CX-3 2.0L Individual Auto and we decided to take the almost 5 hour trip to Eswatini to put this baby to the test.



Two days before we were to leave for Eswatini the CX-3 was delivered in a stunning Deep Crystal Blue Mica colour coat, quite spectacular with the sun’s rays bouncing off the sparkling paint job.  The all-leather interior in black augmented the sophisticated appearance and allure of the CX-3. 

Once behind the steering wheel and on the road the cabin comes to life with the integrated Connect System that provides Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free phone operation, a must for our busy lives. The integrated navigation system is so simple to use and oh so effective giving both visual and voice guidance. I particularly enjoyed the practical position of the Multi-function commander that allows you to flip effortlessly between infotainment selections without really taking your eye off the road or having to slow down.

With 115kw of power and a 6-speed automatic transmission gearbox, the road to Eswatini with all its hills, potholes, free-roaming livestock and slow-moving trucks was fun, effortless and not tiring at all. I used the cruise control quite often and surprised many larger and more powerful SUV’s on the uphill climbs.  The 48-litre fuel tank took us to our destination and also allowed us to drive extensively in this beautiful part of Africa before we had to refuel, a very important consideration nowadays taking regular and escalating fuel cost hikes into consideration.

My personal two favourite features of the CX-3 were undoubtedly the reverse camera that made reversing a pleasure as well as the Bose audio system. We love listening to music and pumping up the volume the entire trip when the sound quality is as good as it is in the CX-3, just makes any journey that much more enjoyable.

My only gripe would have to be about the Heads Up Display positioned just above the steering column. Whilst it’s an innovative addition that allows you to keep an eye on your speed, the unit on this vehicle didn’t seem angled upward enough for easy viewing and I had to lean forward or tilt my head to the side to see the reading on the screen. I’m sure it’s just a setting that needs to be adjusted for this feature to function as it was intended especially considering that I am of average height and not particularly tall.



Mazda CX3



As an outdoor loving family that loves to travel, spend time exploring this beautiful country and sharing our experiences with family and friends, we all agreed that the Mazda CX-3 SUV is a wonderful option for a small family, like ours, considering to purchase a new SUV. The ride was comfortable, the interior spacious and luxurious and the drive an effortless pleasure.

This is certainly a winner from Mazda that will tempt you to pull it out of the garage as regularly as possible and take a drive, whether it is to the next exciting weekend adventure or simply a trip to the corner shop to buy a loaf of bread!



The entry-level Mazda CX-3 retails from R311,500.00

Disclaimer: We received the Mazda CX-3 SUV to use for the weekend. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own

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