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About Me

Parenting and Lifestyle Dad Blogger.

Dad to an amazing son through adoption.

Husband to a man that loves the outdoors.

Together as a family, we love spending quality time cycling, running and swimming.



We desperately wanted to father a child or two. However having considered the exhaustive process as well as the reality that a surrogacy would still not guarantee us a baby, we decided on the adoption route and

initiated the search for the ‘perfect’ process to follow.

While we scouted for an adoption agency I started my blog to basically journal our journey to parenthood. It was supposed to have stopped when we became parents. Somehow with encouragement from Fathers Day|Harassed Mommy hubby, it’s evolved to a platform where I now share some of the highlights of our journey as

two gay dads raising a child, and who knows, maybe one day our son will read it and it will help him understand his journey. I know that a few of my friends that read my blog are encouraged in their own parenting journey by my entries so maybe what I have shared and continue to experience may assist others on their journey to parenthood…gay or not.

The time frame from application to the moment we held our son in our arms was 14 months in total. A short period to some, long to others but it felt like a lifetime to us. Five years down the line, we realize every single day that God had a plan, it could not be rushed, wished away or altered in any way.

It is what it is…


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