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So here is my ‘Corona Diaries’ contribution covering the past 3 weeks.


I’ve been working from home for three weeks now. The first week had me learning to balance work-from-home demands, homeschooling our son, being a husband and making sure the family remained fed. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t difficult either. As hubby was still working from the office, it was tight! I did find that I was nibbling loads! I had enough stock for the week, but at the rate I was nibbling, it wouldn’t last that long. I had to put on the breaks or nibble on more nourishing and healthier snacks! Otherwise the effort I had put to loose centimetres since January would have been in vain. 

The second week was a little easier. D began working from home, and the load became slightly easier. I started appreciating the work our son’s class teacher does at school and have a newfound admiration for the role of teachers in our lives. I need to moan less about my son’s day at school, actually, this year has been amazing as his teacher is an incredible individual and I see how much our son is enjoying going to school this year as opposed to last year. That being said, J and I still bumped heads a few times! As we all know, patience isn’t one of my strengths. 

Don’t judge me!

Aside from working through the usual 8 hours, and revising, because honestly, that’s what we are doing, going over term 1’s activities, I’ve also been enjoying time in the kitchen.



If you haven’t seen all the chefs posting LIVE cooking sessions or recipes online, clearly you don’t enjoy or use Social Media, and that’s ok too. You are just missing out 🙂

I’ve tried and shared a few recipes that have been loads of fun. They are quick and easy as I don’t enjoy really technical recipes or recipes that go on forever and require you to first do part of it, wait for it before you can proceed to the next level. Told ya, patience isn’t one of my strengths. The best one so far was watching our son make pizza at home for the first time. He was glowing, that is how much fun he had making it. We will definitely be making more I suspect. 



I’m into my third week of working from home, and D is in his second. To be honest it’s actually been great. D has learnt not to come near me during the day as I focus on, well, WORK and HOMESCHOOLING. He needs to focus on what he needs to do, and I will do J and me! It’s working. We’re not fighting. We are actually getting to spend more quality time as a couple and as a family and eating more of our meals at the dining room table and not in front of the TV. 

Last week Friday I also discovered the Facebook page, JEFF TOGETHER. Johno and his wife Jules have daily workout sessions en mass. IT’s FREE! You get to see how we can make working out easier considering our current circumstances. It’s loads of FUN and you get to sweat for 30 minutes. If you’re a Vitality member you get to also reach your weekly goals in the comfort of your home. Don’t worry you don’t need to be LIVE, Johno and his family are the only ones we get to see. #STAYHOME #STAYHEALTHY

Yesterday I needed to get us some fruit as we were on our last banana and avo. Leaving the complex gate I felt like Will Smith in the movie, I am Legend. The streets were eerily quiet. Not a car in sight until I got to the main road. Entering the shop, you are sanitized as is the trolley you’re using before you can proceed into the actual store. Customers and store staff all abiding by the social distancing requirements. Weird though how quickly wearing masks and gloves have become the new norm in our city. Do the Chinese know something we don’t ? Three weeks back it was still weird. Today, you look weird without the additional protection. Our new norm? Our new reality? At least for now.

I guess what I’m trying to say in this post is that after 3 weeks of working from home, I’m still here. Still mentally healthy… I think. I am enjoying this new norm where I’ve had to kinda slow down and appreciate those around me a lot more, and those not close forcing me to make more of an effort to stay in touch and let them know I’m here for them. 

So if you don’t have to venture out, please don’t! Stay Home as much as you can and join in the regular evening celebratory applauds for those in the frontline on a daily basis. The 4th Industrial Revolution has arrived and we now have no choice but to accept it and move with the change.  



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