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Numerous research studies and experts agree on the importance of play for growing children. In fact, because playtime has been shown to have a significant impact on child Two Dads And A Kid + Importance of Quality Time With The Kidsdevelopment, the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights recognizes play as an essential right of every child. Which is why Hasbro created the  #SaveTimeForPlayTime video – to explore how kids feel about the situation.  It turns out they just want to spend time with their parents engaging in fun interactive playtime. #AD

However, our time-starved society has reached the point where doctors are prescribing playtime for stressed, depressed children. As well as for their equally anxious, always-connected parents, according to the latest Flux Trends’ 2019 Report. Generation Alpha (the children of the millennial generation) have on average about 12 hours less playtime than their ambitious millennial parents did.  With education-packed agendas that leave little time for fun and games.

Participating in play activities, improves cognitive ability, problem-solving and social skills while reducing stress and even depression. Stress and depression according to further studies are on the rise the world over. The same Flux Trends report references a study in South Africa that suggests 24% of school children in Grade 8 to Grade 11 surveyed had experienced feelings of depression, hopelessness and sadness.

Engaging in shared playtime plays a significant role in parent-child bonding and provides invaluable opportunities for parents to role model positive values and behaviour to their children.

Between school and extramural activities, lifting, careers, homework, mealtime and more, the reasons for a lack of quality time to simply play are endless. While often we are physically in a space with our children the endless pings from the phone demanding a response and the temptation to quickly scroll through Facebook ensure our attention is focused elsewhere.

Two Dads And A Kid + Importance of Quality Time With The KidsWhich is why Hasbro – leading toy and board games company – created a video to highlight the importance of carving time out during the day to engage in focused play with children.

It’s an evocative – and sweetly relatable – video of youngsters discussing what they’ll do to convince their parents to spend more time playing with them. Like doing the washing, making them coffee, even trying out ‘puppy dog’ eyes. What they don’t know is that their intended audience is listening behind the scenes. It’s a heart-warming moment of realisation for the parents especially that time is precious, but some moments are priceless.  

The message is intended as a ‘reflection’, an opportunity to look back on your own day and consider the small changes we could each make in order to make time for more quality playtime moments and memories.

After watching the video, I felt really guilty. Guilty because I feel that although I try to make time for my son, I don’t believe that it’s totally quality time that I’m spending with him. I really need to make more of an effort to be more present, not just physically but also “in” the moment with my son. Time is not stopping for me or waiting for me to catch up with our quality time lag. Before long he will be a teen and perhaps time with his dads will become secondary. 


If you haven’t yet watched the Hasbro #SaveTimeForPlayTime video head over to the Hasbro YouTube page or simply click this link

Visit Hasbro Gaming @MonopolySouthAfrica on Facebook for more information.

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