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Christmas is literally around the corner. Have you managed to finish all your shopping? Personally, I haven’t even begun! 

Yes, I’m one of those individuals that swear they will start shopping earlier for the next Christmas but really never does. I’ve just accepted that perhaps I just enjoy the rush of the season when shopping. I know it means that I’ll probably lose out on all the reasonably priced gifts and be stuck with the overpriced items. 

Here are a few of the items our son has been making pretty clear he would like and some I believe would look great under the Christmas tree. 




I reviewed it here and all three of us really enjoy playing around with it. It encourages better grip, focus, accuracy and what I love most about it, encourages relaxation from our son. He’s usually so full of energy the Nerf AccuStrike has assisted in teaching him that somethings in life need to be taken slow. Ranges from R200.



Hasbro Gaming #HasbroFantasticGymnastics

Now I know that Monopoly the board game is still around, and you may recall that during the family holidays everyone gathered to play and how competitive it would get. The Fantastic Gymnastic comes close to creating that very same vibe. The idea is to get your gymnast to spin around the bar and at the right time dismount, landing in the area with the most points. We found it to be loads of fun and can be competitive too.  You can check our review here. Starts at R400




Our young man is currently well and truly into the Transformer series. Seems the more he watches there’s a new character that he likes and just must make the Santa’s Gift List. The Transformer characters start at R99 – just note that these don’t transform into a vehicle. I clearly found this out the hard way. 




I remember growing up and always wanting a similar racing circuit. Not sure why I never received one. Perhaps that’s why I think we this Speedy Racer will make a great gift. Seriously though, our son is always playing around with his toy cars around the house. I’m sure he would enjoy it too?! Starts at R299




It still amazes me how much our son loves all things aeroplanes. He doesn’t tire of letting us know that we need to go on holiday again because we need to go on a plane again. His ability to sit with the tablet watching clip after clip of aeroplanes landing and taking off doesn’t cease to amaze. Our son is even starting to identify the airlines that they belong to. So, this would be an awesome gift idea for any toddler also into all things planes. Starts at R299

I know that all toys won’t make for a balanced range of ideas, so here are some books to balance things some. 



My Big Book of South African Animals+Children's Book Review

We revied the “My big book of South African Animals” on the blog, our son loves it. We love that the photos beautifully capture the animals, and asks really easy questions to see if the child was paying attention, alas teaching them. Starts at R102



I’m sure you’ve read or heard of the book called “The Long Walk to Freedom” about Nelson Mandela. It shares the story of his life, from when he was an ordinary village boy, to his life in the leadership of the ANC, his long years in prison, eventual freedom and extraordinary elevation to President of South Africa. Starts at R138

Both published by PanMacMillianSA





All of the first few Christmas presents keep your child indoors or rather stagnate. The Choc Cows Raleigh Mountain Bikes are just adorable and will definitely get your child active and outdoors. If our son was on the market for a bike, I’d certainly consider the bike. If you’re in the market for a new bike for your kids or you’re keen on riding the 947 Cycle Challenge in 2018, why not get one of these exclusively from Makro and show your support! A portion of proceeds will be donated to @chocfoundationsa if still on promotion, please enquire as it’s a great cause. Else Marko has a huge range of other bikes for your kids starting from R999.



Yes, I’m really passionate about having alerting parents to make sure their kids are water safe, as I’m sure you can tell from this post here and here. So if you’re in the market for new swimming gear pop over to Spurt SA and have a look around, they have really cute stuff for the kids, for the amateur and the advanced swimmer. Goggles start at R150



If swimming has already been catered for in your household, how about sneakers? I love popping into the local Footgear store when I’m keen on a pair of new sneakers. They normally have an amazing range, at really cool prices. This children’s Puma takkie starts at R499.95

I’m sure that’s more than enough to give you an idea of where to start your Christmas shopping and leave a little dent in your wallet. 

Happy Shopping!

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