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If your child is anything like our son they get bored extremely quickly with the toys you get them. One day it’s the flavour of the month, and before you know it, they want nothing to do with the new toy. There’s a toy box loaded with “must have” toys that just won’t do to play with.

Worry no more I say!

The Smart Toy Club has the answer. Founded by mom’s Lyneve Pieterse and Sarah Brown they collect, sterilize and rent old toys to new customers. 



It is simple really. The Smart Toy Club is a monthly toy rental subscription solution for parents with children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years. On a monthly basis, you receive a selection of age-appropriate toys based on what you listed as your child’s likes when you subscribe. You keep the toys just long enough for your child’s “boredom” to kick in, 4 weeks. At the end of the 4 weeks, the bag of toys are collected and a fresh bag of toys to stimulate your child arrives. The concept is awesome as it reduces costs of buying new toys, clutter, and wastage. 




These are the toys in our second Smart Toys Club bag.

  1. The puzzles to assist with spelling, alphabet and building puzzles
  2. Camera with music and assists develop hand-eye coordination
  3. 36 Piece puzzle cube (made in SA) assists develop hand-eye coordination
  4. Tikes Tyre Racer Rev and Release bike in the tyre for the kids to chase around



To begin you have to subscribe for a minimum period of three months. After this trial period, it’s month-to-month and you can cancel at any time. Each bag will contain about R700 worth of toys and it will cost you – if you collect R249/month and if you opt for delivery it’s R299/month for the Western Cape or R349/month for everywhere else in South Africa. 



The Smart Toy Club is an amazing concept and great value for money for parents with kids under 5.

I like that the toys are selected by the Smart Toy Club parents team, one less item to think about or choose from for parents. The toys were received both clean and good condition, in line with the club’s commitment to keeping toys clean by sterilizing and disinfecting all toys before they are shipped to the next family.

Our son can be rough at times, so I was concerned about possible breakage. According to the Smart Toy Club, breakages are very rare due to all toys being stress tested first, but if a toy does break, you will be required to pay for it, sorry no escaping that one. There have been a few instances that our son also became attached to one of the toys that belonged to my nephew and refused to give it back. I like that with the club if this happens we have the option to buy it from them. 

Lastly, the swapping of the bags is seamless. The Smart Toy Club sends you a list to check off a few days before the agreed collection date, of the items that need to be returned to them. You pack the bag and the courier company collects. Easy! 

You too can enjoy the Smart Toy Club experience, find them on Facebook or via their website for more details.  


Disclaimer: I was sent The Smart Toy Club bag to review the experience.




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