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In order to raise mentally strong kids, parents need to equip them to be able to take on the challenges thrown by the world at them. That said, in order to get your kids to reach their full potential they need to have mentally strong parents. It will require you the parent to allow your kids to struggle through a task without interfering or offering support, allow them to face their own fears and when they err, hold them accountable for their actions. These actions from you the parent seem easier than they actually are. Often, we have to stop ourselves from jumping in when we think or rather assume he needs our support. 



DO NOT ACCEPT A VICTIM MENTALITY, rather teach your child that sometimes you win some, and sometimes you lose them. They won’t always be top of the class. Failure and Rejection happen in life and we need to be fine with it, but not let it define our journey in life. Get your child to find a way to use the loss, rejection or failure to empower them to do better next time. 

DO NOT PARENT OUT, OF GUILT, you know how easy it is to fall into this trap. We lead hectic lives that we often find ourselves trying to overcompensate when it comes to our kids. Your child asks for the latest toy when you go shopping and you buy it. Not because you intended to or they did something special to deserve it, but you buy by justifying to yourself out of guilt, that its ok. If you want a mentally strong child then stop letting guilt get in the way of you making the wise choices when it comes to your kids. 

DO NOT MAKE YOUR CHILD THE CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE, I’m sure you’ve seen how many kids today have this sense of entitlement. It almost seems that they believe that the world revolves around them and owes them. It. Does. Not. Guide your kid through life. Let them experience life even though it’s scary to watch from a safe distance. You won’t be there to protect them from every challenge, so show them how to deal with things. Teach them to look for a solution instead of focusing on what seems a challenge or expecting you or someone to jump in and “fix” things.

DO NOT SHIELD THEM FROM PAIN, this one is hard I know. I speak from my own experience, but our kids need to work through feelings of hurt and anxiety. They need to be uncomfortable. Support and guide your child on how to cope with the emotions of pain and disappointment, so that they gain confidence on how to deal with the disappointments life throws their way on their own.

DO NOT CONFUSE DISCIPLINE WITH PUNISHMENT, by teaching your kids to make better choices in life without you to do it for them or remind them that what they are doing is wrong. Making your child super for something they did wrong, aka punishment doesn’t always teach the lesson instead it may aggravate and push them to continue because they know how it makes you feel. Rather teach them how to do better. 

These are just some of the way you can build your kid’s confidence and nurture them into becoming mentally strong. It won’t always be easy. You will make mistakes, use them to learn from and improve your parenting skills. 

Give your kid the skills and confidence to always reach for the best version of themselves and push for more. 




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  1. Simone Cameron

    I love this…I see so many parents making their kids the centre of their universe and it irks me. These kids are on such pedestals…and can do no wrong. It’s the most bizarre thing to witness. Maybe because I have 3 kids….I don’t have time to be putting them up on pedestals…lol.

    My daughter recently got ‘dropped’ without reason, from the A squad to B. She was very disappointed in herself, but she’s been such a trooper and she didn’t wallow for long. I know this happened to a kid last year and the mom dragged the kid to the coach and demanded that the coach tell her child why she was dropped. I just don’t understand that mentality. My daughter’s dropping was grossly unfair and we don’t understand it, but you know what, life moves on and she needs to be a team player…whether she’s in the A team of the Z team. I can’t feed into any ego…but thankfully I think she’s a good kid, with no ego…so it’s why she could move on so fast.


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