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Our active weekend as a family, Running, Cycling and the Circus

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Our active weekend as a family, Running, Cycling and the Circus


This past Sunday was rather busy and active. Our day started super early as I had entered the Wanderers Race part of the Discovery Vitality race, another sold out event for the organizers. 

I had to be there early as I had not yet collected my number for the race. The race started at 7 am which was great, so with only 15 minutes to spare I had my number pinned. 

For the series I’m only running 10kms and was proved on Sunday morning I need more mileage on my legs still. With the mornings still being rather nippy, it’s taking me ages (read as 5kms) to warm up. The route itself was tough. Not any tougher than the previous year as the route was the same. We climbed almost the whole route. Needless to say, there was loads of walking… yes from me and those around me too. 

Race organization was fantastic, plenty of communication leading up to the race, number collection was super efficient, I hardly waited in the queue. Plenty of parking on the sports fields around the running club and on the streets. As it was still nippy I doubt there was too much water wastage, but all the tables had plenty of water and coke. Finishing the race plenty of space past the finish line before collecting your medal and now that I know how the water table works in this series it was easier to find them and grab a post run coke. I now have the second piece of the overall medal for the #vitalityrunseries! Overall an extremely well-organised race. 



Our active weekend as a family, Running, Cycling and the CircusCYCLE

From my run, it was time to get across the city as our son had been entered into the Toyzone Kiddies Cycle Race in support of the Smile Foundation. 

This event was also well organised. From the moment we arrived until we left everything was easy to follow and the kids were having an exciting time at the PWC Bike Park. 

Our son’s race was the second one for the day. So you can imagine the anxiety levels from all these toddlers and slightly older kids. At one point the MC contemplated starting their race earlier, but it wasn’t to be. As they counted down from 10 towards the start, there were kids already pedalling by the time we got to 5. Just too cute and special.

After an extremely cautious start, our son was off with the group. Hubby followed and I understand it was a good thing as there were a few climbs that the kids battled on. 2 km later they were back. Our young man cycled his heart out and made it to the front, finishing better than he started. He wasn’t 1st and he wasn’t impressed at all! Hubby and I had to grab the opportunity and chat to him that it’s not all about winning but also about having fun during the race. Funny that when either hubby or I run or cycle he knows we’re not first to finish 🙁 but he always jokes that we came first because we got medals. Until yesterday, this rule applied to him too, how did he suddenly realise that there was a difference? He’s maturing way too quickly. 



Our active weekend as a family, Running, Cycling and the Circus


By the time we were done, it was almost time for us to trek further across our city. If you’re not from Joburg, the different suburbs can be quiet a distance from each other. Off to the west, we went for the media launch of the Splash Circus at the Silverstar Casino. 

It was our son’s first circus experience and this one was different as some of the acrobatic acts were executed with water falling like rain around the artist. There’ll be a separate post on our experience on the blog. 

Once the circus was done we bumped into Kira from BigCityKidsJoburg. It had been years since I last saw her, so was great to see her and meet her family. 

Our son loves, and I mean LOVES playing any iPad game that lets him either drive a car or fly a plane. As it was still reasonably early after the circus, we went into the entertainment area for a bit of a walk around and see if there was anything that interested him. We found a driving game, but he was too short, so hubby had to sit with to manipulate the accelerator pedal. As you can see from the photo above, both are having a jol. The Silverstar Casino Entertainment area is one of the few we’ve been to that seems to have a decent variety to accommodate kids of all ages. 

A rather unusual busy day for us as a family, but loads of fun. 

Our active weekend as a family, Running, Cycling and the Circus


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