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Is technology killing our family life?

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TecThe last few weeks I’ve picked up that our son is in his own way, yet subtle, demanding more engagement with me. I guess it could be any number of things contributing to this. Reflecting though, and looking around us at home there was one major, you can’t miss it, sign.

I find that we get home from work in the evenings, settle in and start the evening routine, sorting out supper etc. While hubby and I decide on what we going to eat, our young man is either in front of the TV or on his iPad. In between warming the soup, it’s winter and this is just an example, hubby and I are on our phones checking out our respective Social Media accounts.

We’ve literally spent a whole 9-10 hours apart, yet instead of engaging with each other when we get home and spending quality time catching up on each other’s lives we hide behind our mobile phones and/or tablets.

I hate it

… that we’re losing out on time we should be spending quality time with our son. Allowing this to continue will only end up with hubby and me regretting it in a few years time.

Are we addicted to technology?

Yes! I said it. I admit!

Our family is addicted to technology. More and more I find as a family we’re engaging less with each other in “real life” and more via technology. Sad in my opinion.

A few year back a photographer from North Carolina, Eric Pickersgill did a project called “Removed” where he depicted this by removing either the phone or tablet that was being used. The result reveals just how addicted we’ve become to technology, in this instance our mobile units, that we’ve become so disengaged with each other.

Watch Eric’s video REMOVED below.


There was also another video recently on social media where Joey Salad does a Social Experiment to show how easy it can be to abduct a child in front of their parent(s), once more because we get so engaged with our mobile phone or tablet that we lose touch of our surrounding. It’s scary!

I discussed it with hubby, it’s not an overnight change, and will require that both he and I make every effort to change. Our son won’t initially be happy. Although we appreciate the benefits of having a mobile phone or tablet, and it’s “oh so cute that our toddler knows his way around the tablet or mobile phone …” there have to be boundaries about usage, especially as a family with children.

What can we do?

  • Agree to leave the phones and tablets out of sight until your toddler goes to bed
  • No technology around meal times, no matter how strong the urge … RESIST
  • Be the person you want your child to become, our toddlers learn from what we do, not what we say
  • Switch off all technology for at least two hours and focus on the family – Tech Timeout
  • Reconnect as a family and get more involved in each other’s lives

The truth is …

  • You can always catch up with the Facebook posts
  • You can always catch up with the Twitter news
  • You can always catch up with the photos posted on Instagram
  • You can always catch up with emails and your Whatsapp
  • So the world may change in that hour or two, but honestly, what could you have done
  • Children can suffer from overexposure to technology e.g. depression, lack of social skills

But …

  • You won’t ever be able to get back time lost with your family

Is your family addicted to their mobile phones or tablets?

How are you managing the use of technology in your home so that it doesn’t impact the quality of family time?

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