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May I use the toilet … ALONE?

Two Dads and a kid

This weekend chatting to a couple of mothers it became blatantly clear, that it’s quite normal for kids to follow parents into the toilet. The reality for me was that it isn’t a phase! If you have kids, there’s no such thing as privacy!

I can’t use the toilet ALONE anymore

Off to the bathroom .. child follows you into the loo, sits down and continues to have a conversation with you like we’re sitting in the lounge. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using the toilet for a dump or pee or even shower … they follow.

In our home, I find that our son insists that one of us accompanies him to the loo. It’s not for us to see how well he uses the toilet, but to actually have a fat conversation about nothing with him. During my conversation with the

During my conversation with the moms, I gathered that this will not stop anytime soon. It may continue well into adulthood, with the child(ren) not seeing anything wrong. Children don’t realise that they are actually invading our privacy, but are rather trying to show us how much they like being with us.

In a few years, I have no doubt we will crave the presence of our children, but they will be elsewhere building their lives.

But if you really need some “ME” time

Two Dads and a KidTry educating your child about privacy and personal space

Get them to play on the iPad or with a toy outside the bathroom, they are still close to you while allowing you some privacy. Everyone wins …

Let them sit outside the bathroom with the door ajar so that they’re able to still see you while they complete a task

or you could get them to sit and watch one of their favourite TV programs on your laptop outside the bathroom while you stay in their line of vision

From my experience, the above may work once or twice, but our son always returns to keep me company in the toilet!


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