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5 Lies we tell our toddler

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Two Dads and a Kid

Lately, I’m finding that the “bribe” with sweets or ice cream isn’t working as well as it used to. I”m having to resort to “white” lies.

I’m quite confident I’m not the only parent that has done that or still does.

The lies told aren’t meant to harm him, but yes to get him to finish something.

Some lies we tell …


As they can’t tell the time yet, when they say please can I have 5 more minutes with the iPad, those 5 minutes are actually just another minute and a half. Dude, we still have the bedtime routine to complete and probably another 10 minutes after that before he sleeps.

I also would like some wine and me-time…



No Paw Patrol isn’t on at the moment, they on a break. If this doesn’t happen, he is in front of the TV forever … we can’t have that! Besides, there’s just so much Chase, Skye and Marshall I can take in one sitting.



For now, our young man still believes in Santa Claus and the presents he delivers. We are milking it for as long as possible to get toys packed away, eat all his veggies and help out keeping his room clean.



Since starting school, the teacher has somehow become superior to us parents, so I milk it. “I don’t need to cut my hair” … if you don’t Teacher S won’t be impressed and there won’t be any stickers … It’s the only way we can get his hair cut!



Although our son has his own iPad, somehow my iPad is better. Humm really? Sometimes, though, I also need time with my tablet without the constant “Please can I use your iPad” so when I’m in need of some tablet time, the iPad is either flat or there’s a problem with it.

Don’t judge!

What lies do you tell your toddler?

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