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Where is this year running off to? 

I can’t believe we’re hitting the month of May next week already. 

This post goes out to all the dads out there. Dads if you haven’t already diarized it, May 13, 2018, is “MOTHER’S DAY“. 

Have you got something planned already or will you be winging it again this year? 

Are you putting in some effort into how you will be spoiling the wife with the kids or will you be doing the chocolates and flowers and maybe a breakfast at the family favourite restaurant? 

I’m hoping you answered NO to all or most of the above, else this post is irrelevant right 🙂 

Although, we should all technically be grateful for our mom every day, here’s a day created especially to show them how much we care, appreciate all our moms do for us and show them some love. I’m not saying that you need to buy their love by being super extravagant, I am saying let’s use this Mother’s Day to show the mothers in our lives how much we REALLY appreciate all they do for the family. 

So often moms put the kids and husbands before their own needs. Often all moms want is to put their feet up with a glass of wine and a good book for 30 minutes quiet, but they don’t because a child is feeling poorly or the husband is down with the “man-flu” or a meal needs to be cooked. Sometimes, all they want is to hear a simple “thank you” or “I love you” or “or that was amazing mom”, but either we forget or we’re so excited in that moment we “forget”. 

Now, I don’t believe that gifts for our mothers should be gifts for the house, and by the house I mean where the whole family benefits from it. I mean, what’s the point. Unless of course, it’s going to make her life way easier or it’s something she REALLY wants.  

Dads I did some digging and here are some ideas you could use to make this year’s Mother’s Day super special for the mother of your kids, who may just also be your amazing wife! 

I’ve tried to find ideas that won’t require you to leave the office or your couch or take you into the Malls. Yes, not all dads enjoy time at the Mall. Ok, and not all kids either, so online shopping is the answer I reckon. A word of caution it can be super addictive once you start receiving all your shopping.



Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Why not surprise the mother in your life with an item from Le Creuset?

Honestly, I don’t believe you could go wrong with a present from them. Unless of course mom really isn’t into anything that gets her into the kitchen! 

Le Creuset stuff is guaranteed for at least 5 years! Yeah, how often does one even hear that these days right?

Yes, they have online shopping available so head on over here and browse through the ideas they share for Mother’s Day. As a side note, if you’re in South Africa they even deliver for FREE!




Mother's Day Gift Ideas


I know I mentioned that I believe that gifts on mom’s birthday or Mother’s Day should be specifically for mother’s and not the family. But, following my bestie’s feedback on how much she loves her Automatic Vacuum Cleaner, I thought I’d include it as a gift option too. 

takealot is currently running a sale on the Taurus Hexa Striker Automatic Vaccum Cleaner, 41% OFF gents! Like my bestie said, it will change the way you look at cleaning! It’s designed to clean every nook and cranny of your home while you and the family are at work and school. It has an Anti-Scratch protective band and large dirt storage.

It’s the future dude! 



Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Most moms love jewellery, it doesn’t need to be a special occasion, and chocolates too. 

Why don’t you head on over to Pandora’s and see the array of Mother’s Day collectables and other items too to spoil the wife with the kids?

While you there, like the pic suggests 🙂 head over to Lindt  South Africa’s online page to select something from their irresistible selection of smooth chocolate before you head on over to the nearest Lindt store to buy it. 

I know, it’s not technically online shopping, but dude you need to exercise at some point right? Reach your #Vitality weekly goals? 


Mother's Day Gift Ideas


Now if the mom in your life is into keeping fit through studio workout or gym then I suggest heading over to Lorna Jane’s online store and start scouting for some stylish exercise kit for them. 

I’ve seen how stylish, modern, and flattering the Lorna Jane range is. Their selection includes sports gear that supports their core while they working out or breathable fabric that will dry quickly post workout and if you spend over R1000 it includes free delivery too! 

If it’s cycling or running that they enjoy, then perhaps Sportsman Warehouse is where you should head to.

Don’t tell the wife, but if you’re part of the Discovery Vitality program you can get up to 25% of the money you spend here back! 

See how I got your back bruh…



There’s a high probability that the mom in your life is just managing to finish all her family obligations but somehow also manages to find time to pop into the local supermarket to fill up the fridge and pantry with drinks, snacks and other ingredients so you don’t go hungry. 

This Mother’s Day why don’t you head on over to The Muching Mongoose, sorry if you live outside #JOZI as currently the service is only available here, and take out a subscription to support the wife with the weekly fruits and vegetables? They have a range of Mini to Maxi boxes ranging in content, bigger the box the more you get and they even have a Low Carb’s Box. What I found really cool is that they allow you to customize your box by either substituting or adding extra items to your weekly box. 

Now that’s forward thinking if you ask me. You did ask me right 🙂




Now that you have the gift sorted and you’re not planning on cooking lunch to further spoil mom, better still just to get mom out the house on a Sunday for a change. 

Mother's Day Gift Ideas






The Lonehill Residents Association is once again hosting a Mother’s Day Picnic at the Lonehill Park, Calderwood Drive in Lonehill. 

They promise a fantastic lineup of LIVE entertainment for the parents, entertainment for the kids, 9 different food vendors, 20 stalls to shop from the Pop-Up Market – in case you dad forgot to get one of the above gift ideas, and a lucky draw with prizes for the lucky moms.

Essential to book via webtickets.


Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Cafe Hemingway is a New York inspired bistro, bar, patisserie venue. They will have a beautiful Mother’s Day menu, so if you looking to try a new venue while making mom feel loved, this is definitely an option worth considering guys.

Starting off with a glass of Sparkling Wine on arrival followed by a delicious spread sure to excite the palate.

Limited seating so book early.


Mother's Day Gift Ideas

If you’re looking to make a weekend of spoiling the mother in your life aka THE QUEEN of the house The Fairway is running a 30% off special from 11-14 May 2018 (all room types) and if you feel like REALLY spoiling mom why not throw in a Mother’s Day Spa Package too? Yep, there’s a special there too that includes a Paraffin Pedi (ya, don’t ask I may be a gay dad but I have no idea what this entails), a 90 min Facial and hot chocolate (dude it’s getting colder, so don’t be judging).

Now if all you’re looking for is another lunch alternative then The Fairway have you covered too brah. They are well aware that since the day is all about mom, then there’s a great chance you bringing kids to the lunch. Yep, they have you covered there too with a jumping castle or face painting.

You know it … I highly suggest you book neh!


Mother's Day Gift Ideas

1Fox with Gauteng Opera are having a High Tea if you’re looking for something different for mother. 

A big screen special is planned, so if you going they request that you RSVP “GOING” on the event page, all other details to make your mother feel special are on the page.

Booking essential.


Dads, I really hope there’s something on here that inspires you to make this Mother’s Day extra special and different for the mom(s) in your life. Don’t make the day about how expensive the gift is, but rather about making the QUEEN of the family feel like the royalty she is to her family. 

Now go out there and make MOM feel extra loved on the 13th May 2018!


Disclaimer: Post is not sponsored, I just thought I’d share some ideas with you … just in case you wanted to step out of your norm.







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    Okay so!! I loved this post Your Mothers day gift ideas is so on the money. Le Creuset and Pandora definitely on the top of my list.

    • Emanuel

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