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Race Review - MiWay Wally HaywardThese are my thoughts on the race…

I honestly haven’t run for the longest time, at least nothing more than 5 km at any one time. Running 10km I was fine and really excited, but then I’d clearly forgotten that I’d actually entered the 21km! 11km more than I thought I was ready for. One of the reason’s I’d not run the Dischem21 this year was because I didn’t totally believe I was ready. 

Race Review - MiWay Wally HaywardAnyway, yesterday arrived and I’d decided I was going to run my own race and use the MiWay Wally Hayward  Marathon as a training race.

Not chasing the clock. 

Not going to let anyone get into my head, not even hubby. 

As it turned out I had a really amazing day out on the road for 21 kilometers and in a time I’m happy with 2h30. 



Distance: 21.1km

Weather: The weather was cold at the start of the race, but warmed up really nicely that it didn’t become unbearable by the time I finished my run.

Parking: We arrived at the venue with an hour to spare. Made a huge difference. No rush to find adequate parking, but the queues of cars … that didn’t change. 

Organisation: Honestly one of the best races I’ve been to in a long time. Even better than the previous two races for MiWay Wally Hayward. Plenty of fun entertainment for the kids while they waited for the running parent. Although there were LOADS of runners, the finish area didn’t feel congested at all. 

Marshalling: The marshals were helpful along the route.

Water Tables: Plenty of water and coke at the watering tables when I ran past, with the people manning the tables super helpful and entertaining with the different genres of music as you reached a different table.

Medals: This year the medal was updated and are really nice. 

Overall: A well-organised race. The route itself provided enough challenge for all runners. It was a new route and start/finish venue and such an upgrade from the previous two years. Organizers should try and keep this venue if they can. 


May stay on my running calendar, eish the early start though …

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