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Two Dads And A KidI seriously can’t believe that we’ve been parents for over six years now. It’s been an incredible journey so far. We’ve succeeded in bringing our baby boy home and adjusted to life as us three, our new reality, our new family and now we’re a short seven years away from life with a teenager! 

As life progresses, so does our family routine evolve. Our son learnt to walk and began attending playschool. He began to learn how to speak and express himself. Sleep training helped our son to sleep through the night, although the first night was so heart wrenching for me. 

Two Dads And A KidThe first day of playschool was initially unsettling as two hours into the day, we received a call from our son’s school teacher asking that we go and fetch him as he wasn’t settling and very unhappy. Again we persevered and by the end of the term our son had settled into the school routine. He stayed at playschool for another 12 months before we moved him into “big-little” school where the day was more structured and play wasn’t the order of the day. We’ve been fortunate that the schools we’ve enrolled our son into have been progressive and have embraced same-sex families, without us having to educate the school about modern family structures that don’t conform to what’s been regarded as “normal” for so long. 

Over the last six years, we’ve hosted a few birthday parties for our son and his friends. I’d like to think that we hosted pretty decent birthday parties that were fun and that our son appreciated. From “farm” themed birthday to celebrate his fourth birthday, which he didn’t enjoy having to blow his candles out in front of his friends to his sixth birthday party last year where he and his friends went bowling and screeched with delight in the bumper cars, which was an experience that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We have subsequently had to go back for more bumper car experiences! 

Two Dads And A KidThankfully being active and spending time outdoors is something our son has always taken to very quickly, so the fact that Darren and I are keen to spend time outdoors running, swimming or cycling has certainly rubbed off on our son. He adores swimming and cycling, and when we enter races where he gets to bring home a medal, he is super stoked. It was no wonder then that our son progressed from training wheels to none in literally 30 minutes a Christmas holiday a few years back. Needless to say, Darren and I were incredibly proud of him and made sure he was aware of it. 

As the years’ pass, we notice that our son is coming into his own and developing his own unique personality. He can be shy but within the right company his a total extrovert. Adored by his mates, he is driven to make himself proud daily and has become an expert negotiator, especially where his dads are concerned! He is completely aware that his family structure is different from his classmates, cousins and other friends but that this is not a disadvantage or an obstacle at all if anything his unique family is what makes him so special and loved. Questions are constant about his birth mom, and more recently his birth father as well and for now, the answers we’ve shared with him have satisfied him. He’s hinted at wanting a sibling but the idea is quickly suppressed at thought of having to share his dads and toys!

It’s been exactly the incredible ride I had hoped it would be, and so much more. 


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