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Author: Manii

Like2Bike – Event 5

DATE: 10 September 2017 TIME: 08:30 AM To enter click here.  VENUE: Avianto Trails, Muldersdrift Distances include: 2km (recommended age 2-4) 5km (recommended age 5-7) 10km (recommended age 8+) 15km+ (recommended age 9+) This is a fun series with an aim to entrench good riding etiquette while fostering a love for the Mountain Bike sport.  07h30-08h30 Registration  08h30            15km race start 08h35            10km race start 08h45            10km fun ride 08h50            5km 08h55            2km Entry...

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Race Review

These are my thoughts on the race… This past Sunday the family got up bright and early and headed on out to our first Centrum Kids Like2Bike with Futurelife event.  The event is targeted at 2-14 year olds, hosted specifically for kids in this age group and not part of an adult or bigger event. This is, in my opinion, what makes this event so awesome. The event gets the kids to have fun on their bikes with mom or dad or both playing support.  The idea behind these events is to teach the kids things like rider etiquette like...

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Amêijoas or Clams

Amêijoas ... Clams 2017-07-21 11:24:44 Serves 5 My all time favourite starter. Great for a family lunch or dinner. Typically we serve these with beer and bread. The bread to dip and enjoy the sauce. Write a review Save Recipe Print Prep Time 25 min Cook Time 25 min Prep Time 25 min Cook Time 25 min 412 calories 18 g 134 g 13 g 52 g 2 g 311 g 2441 g 4 g 0 g 9 g Nutrition Facts Serving Size 311g Servings 5 Amount Per Serving Calories 412 Calories from Fat 118 % Daily Value *...

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Travel Tips For Dads

Travelling was a breeze before our son. We decided we were going on a break, booked tickets and we were off.  No stress.  Since his arrival though, the stress levels have gone up a notch.  When we brought him home the first time, my mother was with us. Years later I’m super glad she was there. On the flight back home, our son refused the bottle and picked up on how stress both hubby and I were and we could not stop him from opening up his lungs.  Mother jumps in and calmly soothes our son to sleep for...

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The prep work … My road to Comrades 2018

Comrades 2018 will be a down run…I am not entirely sure which version of the race will suit me better but I have heard that the ‘down’ run is more difficult than the ‘up’ run. I guess it has a lot to do with the jarring impact of the descents on your legs and joints. Either way, doing over two marathons on one day, one immediately after the other, is going to be a HUGE ask for me. I last ran a marathon more than 20 years ago so besides having to run a qualifying marathon, which I hope...

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