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It’s been over two months of lockdown, homeschooling, and parents coming up with creative activities to entertain the kids. Our son has literally “used up” all his Nerf gun darts. They somewhere in the garden … he thinks? As a family, we’ve also played a fair amount of Monopoly and Jenga a few times, so much so that I’ve heard a few comments about wanting more darts and new games to play.

We’re on level 3 of lockdown now, and with that, we have some benefits! YAY! 

Time to Restock The FUN? I’m sure you must have seen how the toys and games areas for many stores were “NO GO” zones whilst we were on level 4 of lockdown? Thankfully, that’s a thing of the past, for now! Why not take advantage of this newfound freedom we have and visit ToysRUS, Toy Kingdom and other stores with toy areas to see how you can ‘Bring Home The Fun’ with Hasbro for the family.


Here are some of the Hasbro games and toys we got to play around with …

#BringHomeTheFunBATTLESHIP is the classic naval combat game that brings together competition, strategy, and excitement. Search for the enemy’s fleet of ships and destroy them one by one while protecting your own fleet.








CLUEDO GRAB AND GO is the classic Cluedo game you may be familiar with only in a smaller and easy-to-transport pack. Great for when we finally get to go on holiday again! Do you enjoy solving mysteries? Cluedo has you try and solve the murder in the mansion by asking questions and revealing clues. 







NERF SUPER SOAKER TWIN TIDE for some splashtastic fun! We can’t wait for warmer days so that Jay can play around with the Nerf Super Soaker!

Not sure if Darren being able to reload the Nerf Elite Mega Cyclone Shock Blaster can stop him from getting drenched. 




If you’re looking for ways to enhance the board games you currently have, why not explore the Hasbro Bring Home The  website for family-focused resources, including tips for family playtime, activity challenges and ideas for using games and toys to stimulate kids’ brains.

To get you started, here are some ideas to consider:


Disclosure: From time to time Two Dads And A Kid is #gifted products to review in return for our honest opinion. A BIG Thank you to Hasbro and Atmosphere Communication.

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