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Walking on Sunshine Spring Walk

The Smile Foundation Is a non-profit organisation that makes a huge difference in the lives of South African children with facial irregularities such as cleft lip and palates, facial paralysis and other conditions. Hospice Wits Provides care, comfort and support to our patients and their families who’ve been affected by a life-limiting illness. Their aim is to go beyond meeting the physical needs of our patients to offering emotional, spiritual and psychosocial support through our multidisciplinary team. Sunday 3rd September The Smile Foundation and HospiceWits will be hosting the 5km Walking on Sunshine  Spring Walk around the streets of...

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5 Lies we tell our toddler

Lately, I’m finding that the “bribe” with sweets or ice cream isn’t working as well as it used to. I”m having to resort to “white” lies. I’m quite confident I’m not the only parent that has done that or still does. The lies told aren’t meant to harm him, but yes to get him to finish something. Some lies we tell … TIME As they can’t tell the time yet, when they say please can I have 5 more minutes with the iPad, those 5 minutes are actually just another minute and a half. Dude, we still have the bedtime routine...

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May I use the toilet … ALONE?

This weekend chatting to a couple of mothers it became blatantly clear, that it’s quite normal for kids to follow parents into the toilet. The reality for me was that it isn’t a phase! If you have kids, there’s no such thing as privacy! I can’t use the toilet ALONE anymore Off to the bathroom .. child follows you into the loo, sits down and continues to have a conversation with you like we’re sitting in the lounge. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using the toilet for a dump or pee or even shower … they follow. In our home,...

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Mother’s Day and being ADOPTED

Mother’s Day has just gone by. This year Darren was asked again by our son about his birth mother during his class Mother’s Day “Spoil Mom” session.   We’ve agreed to always answer truthfully yet age appropriate. Every time the question is asked one can’t help but feel a little pain.   Natural I am sure.   The older he gets the more intense the questions will be. He is a curious boy and doesn’t always accept things at face value, thank goodness. We want him to know that can talk to us openly without fear of being judged,...

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Race Review : Old Eds 21.1, 10 and 5km

Old Eds Road Race with Discovery Vitality hosted by Old Eds Sports Club took place Sunday 6th August. This was the first race in the #vitalityrunseries also a first for the series as it’s the inaugural year. An unusual late start, 8 am. Usually, the Joburg races start at 7 am if I’m not mistaken. It wasn’t dark by 7 am. It was great to hear that the race was sold out! I’m sure soothing music to any organisers ears and even better for the sponsors. Distance: 21.1km, 10km, 5km Fun Run Weather: Although not Spring just yet, it was a...

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