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Ever wonder who starts all these “World XYZ Day”? I do! I was curious to learn when the whole World Adoption Day started and by whom. 

After celebrating the last few #WorldAdoptionDay, this year I decided to understand how this day actually started. Did you know that it was first celebrated in 2014!? To be exact the first ever World Adoption Day was celebrated on the 9th November 2014, started by Pastor Hank Fortener back in Hollywood California. He was raised as part of a family with his mother, father, and two biological siblings. Soon, his parents began fostering children. Thirty-six(36) to be exact. They also adopted eight children.



#WorldAdoptionDay was created to celebrate family. It’s a day to raise awareness for adoption.

#WorldAdoptionDay in the US is also a day to raise funds to support families who want to expand their family through adoption but can’t afford it.

#WorldAdoptionDay is also an opportunity to celebrate the power and beauty of family brought together through adoption. This year, if you’re somehow touched by adoption be part of the global celebration and share a meal with your family, friends and/or the community around you.

While you’re all enjoying the blessing of sharing a meal together, get everyone around to draw a smiley face on their hand and post it on social media with #WorldAdoptionDay. By posting your photo with the hashtag you’re raising awareness for the 19 million children around the world who are waiting for their forever family. The best part is that you’re believing in a world where there is a family for every child.

Go on join #TwoDadsAndAKid on the 9th November 2018 and be part of a global celebration of adoption.


See how adoption has positively changed the lives of celebrities…



If you’re in South Africa and looking to grow your family through adoption, please follow the right legal 7 steps:

  1. Identify an adoption agency or a registered social worker and submit an application,
  2. Attend an orientation where you will be given more information on the adoption process here in South Africa
  3. A screening of you and your current nuclear family is required
  4. You will then go onto a waiting list
  5. A child will be identified for adoption
  6. Legal paperwork will need to be processed
  7. A child will be placed with you

The wait can take a while, but be patient. I promise you it’s worth the wait. Alas, always remember that like with biological children you need to take the good with the bad, so don’t expect smooth sailing all the time. You don’t get it with biological children either!

The adoption process is understandably full of red tape, emotions, paperwork and loads of patience is needed. It’s all for good reason.

For more information about adoption contact Letitia Van Den Berg 076 259 8780 or  NACSA on 072 521 3429.


Don’t forget to take a family picture (it could be with your colleagues or a group of friends too) with a smiley face on the palm of your hand, then join #TwoDadsAndAKid on the 9th November 2018 by posting the picture on all your social media platforms using the #WorldAdoptionDay and be part of a global celebration of adoption.

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