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Home Nerf War+TwoDadsAndAKid


I’ve been home for two weeks now with our son, and to be totally honest, I’m fast running out of ideas of how to keep him physically active. Now with the Home Nerf War+TwoDadsAndAKid#lockdown, it’s definitely going to require a little more imagination! I’m sure if your child has a Nerf gun or two, why not create epic Nerf battles at home, perfect for fun active play indoors and outside that will keep the kids (and the adults) busy for hours. #ad

To begin set up an obstacle course around the house or in the garden with a selection of targets at different heights and distances. Here are a few suggestions for you to set the targets.

  1. Home Nerf War+TwoDadsAndAKidUse a large sheet of paper, paper plates, or newspaper to cut out targets, of different sizes and values – you can even use chalk to create targets on outside walls (simply wash it away once the battle is over).
  2. Thread a length of string through each target and hang them from trees or ceiling beams to create ‘moving’ targets.
  3. Set up challenges such as stacked paper cups and balloons and try to knock the stacks down from different distances.
  4. Line up old plastic bottles and place a lightweight ball on top to practise accuracy by aiming for the ball.
  5. It’s all about quick-draw fast firing! Time trials are a great way to determine how quickly you can load, fire and reload your Nerf blaster.
  6. Organise the kids into teams and have them battle against each other for the most accurate or quickest finish.
  7. If you have any large cardboard boxes lying around, cut out a hole on each side and use it as an obstacle tunnel for the kids to crawl through.
  8. Arrange garden furniture to create obstacles the kids have to climb over or under along the course. For indoor play stack pillows and couch cushions into obstacles, kids have to jump over or run around. Pool noodles also make great obstacles, you can bend them to create a tunnel or archway.


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Home Nerf War+TwoDadsAndAKid

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