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MajoretteTuneUps Regardless of age, most boys love cars. Full-scale cars or toy cars, boys and some girls too, love them. The Majorette Tune-Ups are an exciting addition to any child’s car collection.

Large spoilers, powerful body kits, wider tires and exciting stickers are waiting for little tuners and car fans to be installed directly onto the cars. Kids (…and dads) have a choice of 18 exciting models in different versions from Lamborghini Urus, VW Golf, Toyota GT86, Renault Megane R.S., Toyota Hiace, Suzuki Jimny and Ford F-150 Raptor. As your children build their set of Majorette Tune Ups, we believe the ultimate goal is to try and secure the ULTRA RARE Toyota GT86 with its high-quality matt paint, incredible body kit, wider tires and rims in two colours.


At about 7 cm long, the little metal cars have been an international hit for decades. They appeal to people from every generation as collector’s pieces or for play. From passenger cars, commercial and construction vehicles to racing cars and matching playsets, the range has something for everybody.

Majorette Tune-Ups is a new line that has been released worldwide in 2021 and allows kids (…and dads) to “Tune-Up” their cars and collect and swap to complete the full set of 18 collectables. They are an ideal gift for any child aged 5 years or older as well as the fan who enjoys collecting model cars who will appreciate their realistic features.

J is loving that he can trade cars to build up his collection of 18 cars as quickly as possible while competing with his mates to see who completes their collection first and then tune up their cars the best.

Visit your nearest leading toy retailer for the in-store ‘Rewards for Purchase‘ campaign, where every time you purchase a ‘Majorettes Tune Up’ you can enter the competition and stand a chance of winning 1 of 3, VIP Racing Driver Experiences for you and your family.

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