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The prep work … My road to Comrades 2018

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Comrades 2018 will be a down run…I am not entirely sure which version of the race will suit me better but I have heard that the ‘down’ run is more difficult than the ‘up’ run. I guess it has a lot to do with the jarring impact of the descents on your legs and joints. Either way, doing over two marathons on one day, one immediately after the other, is going to be a HUGE ask for me. I last ran a marathon more than 20 years ago so besides having to run a qualifying marathon, which I hope is the Soweto marathon in November 2017, I am also planning to run the Two Oceans Ultra in April 2018 which will be a good indication of how far my training has come.




The Plan…

My Road to Comrades 2018With over 12 months to prepare and train since starting in June 2017, I have decided to really ease into the training whilst allowing my body to recover at regular intervals. When you consider that I will be moving from running the odd Parkrun of 5km’s on a Saturday to a slightly longer run every alternate Sunday or during the week, I am now going to be putting my body under immense strain both physically and mentally by racking up over 2000 kilometres in the 12 months leading up to Comrades 2018.



The key to success for me is preparation and as a firm believer of the wise adage, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’! I need to be meticulous and make sure that no aspect of my training is neglected or suffers as a result of the other. Listening to my body and how it reacts to the increase in mileage and stress is going to be critical. As a result, I eased into training during June and even though I fell short of my planned mileage of 100 kilometres, only managing just over 60 kilometres, I’m not too concerned and quietly confident that I will make up the 37-odd kilometres over the next few months. My training will not only consist of training on the road but also gym time doing light weights, cardio, core training and getting to a running weight of around 74-76 kilograms. I am currently 82.5 kilograms. More than enough time to lose around 6 kilograms whilst retaining strength and conditioning responsibly.



Getting myself mentally ‘tuned in’ is going to be as important as getting physically ‘tuned in’ to ensure success on the day. Those long, lonely hours on the road, despite being surrounded by thousands of other runners will take a toll mentally if you are not prepared. Especially when the climbs seem to go on forever, when the feet and joints of the ankles and knees are crying out for you to stop, my mind needs to be strong enough to push aside the pain, the boredom, the anxiety and keep going.  Pacing myself so that I don’t go out too fast too soon is going to be another challenge I am going to have to keep in check and force myself to restrain the desire to rush out for as long as I can.


My Road to Comrades 2018SUPPLEMENTS …

Another key element of my training pyramid is supplementation. Whilst I follow a pretty healthy diet most of the time avoiding sugar and bread, I am going to have to really hone my eating and supplementation leading up to the race. I have a really good idea of what works for me from a supplementation perspective but I have never had to take the time to focus on how my supplementation and nutrition is going to see me through 90 kilometres of running in pretty hot and humid conditions.

Lastly, I am going to research as much as I can about the race, the race profile, chat to others who have run the race on numerous occasions, those who ran it for the first time in 2017 and even those who ran it and never finished it. Ultimately, the next 11 months is going to be a journey where I discover more about myself and more about life.

DKL – husband to EKL will be a regular contributor to this blog, sharing his journey to Comrades 2018

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  1. SamaNTHa

    Wow, sounds like a long process to prepare for a race, I see why it’s called the Comrades. Good luck on your training.

    • Emanuel

      Definitely requires commitment 😊 Thank you for the feedback.

    • Emanuel

      Still a long way to go though … maybe we see you cheering us on when we run past your house during OMTOM? 😊

      • ChevsLife

        Yes, definitely – but I will need ETA lol!

        • Emanuel

          LOL 🙂 no problem it’s definitely gonna be Estimated … just hope we’re not far off the mark :p

  2. Melissa Javan

    You got this brother! I just wanna know what made you decide to do the comrades after so many years? It’s such a hectic race. And you know that once you do Comrades, you’ll be hooked to go again and again. All the best with the preps

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