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Kiddies Party Packs … WTF for?

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Who came up with the idea of giving party packs at the end of a kiddies birthday party? 

Like, uhmmm … Why?! 

The party is for the child who’s birthday everyone is there to celebrate, so why do the parent’s of the birthday child have to prepare a party pack? 

Presents are for the birthday child. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? 

As a parent, you’ve probably already forked out a large sum of money for the party. Venue hire, Cake, Platters (seldom get eaten by the parents btw), wine and soft drinks so the little guests can run around and be merry. Oh, let’s not forget the cupcakes for the school as well. That’s a tidy sum of money parents spend on the party. 

This isn’t a product launch for goodness sake. It’s a kiddies birthday party.

Surely that you as the hosting parent has fed both the parents and their children with enough sugar to keep the kids going well into the evening should be enough? 

Do our kids RE-EEA-LLY need that additional packet of Smarties, Niknaks, Juice and toy that won’t last the next 24hrs? 


You’re not travelling that far from the party that you need a padkos for the trip either. 

So why do we feel pressurised into handing them out at every children’s party? It certainly won’t make any difference to the kids attending. 

We attended a party recently where all the kids got as they left was a “Bubbles Container”.

I was shocked!

Not because I felt cheated, but more I out of pride for the parents for not succumbing to the pressure of having a party pack to hand out at the end of the party.

Alas, it was still a giveaway.

I’m aiming for a simple “Thank you for coming and our child’s present. Travel home safe“.

Just like it was in the good old days. 

This is a dad’s opinion as to why party packs are irrelevant and a remnant of days gone by!  


Moms and Dads … how do you feel about the “Party Packs” at the end of a kiddies party?


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  1. Hila

    I vote we do away with party packs too. You either give crap or spend too much money on kids who’s birthday it isn’t. Let’s create a hashtag 😛

    • Emanuel

      hahaha YAY! #notokiddiespartypack I agree with you, finding the correct balance for the party back requires a degree… I think 🙁 🙂


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