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Hot Wheels® turns 50This year, specifically last Saturday 19th May, Hot Wheels® turned 50! Can you believe they’ve been around for that long? 

There’s something special about a young boy playing with a toy car that his father played with, especially when it’s a toy car that his father’s own father played with. This is just one of several reasons Hot Wheels® is so special: the popular die-cast vehicles and track systems have been exhilarating and challenging kids worldwide for over three generations.

DID YOU KNOW today Hot Wheels® is the number one selling toy and vehicle property in the world and this year, to celebrate its 50th anniversary, the brand is going into overdrive – with a campaign designed to celebrate five decades of pushing the limits of performance and design.

Hot Wheels® turns 50To commemorate their 50th anniversary there will be… a Black & Gold Themed Assortment, Zamac Themed Assortment, a Premium Collector Favorites Assortment and a special 5 Pack, with a distinctive 50th anniversary branding on all 2018 products in the track set range, and will also introduce Hot Wheels® City – a system of play, compatible with the others, that allows kids aged 3 to 6 to build a Hot Wheels® world. Parents can expect the infusion of stunting, jumping and looping with imagination and storytelling.

DID YOU KNOW Hot Wheels® releases over 130 new car designs annually in over 150 countries!? Just to make it a little clearer for you … that’s 16.5 Hot Wheels® produced per second, across 20,000 variations. It’s no wonder that Hot Wheels® have become popular with adult collectors, with the average collector owning over 1550 cars. WOW!

I’m sure you or your kids have one or more Hot Wheels® cars right? Why don’t you join in the celebrations and share stories or photos of you and your Hot Wheels® on social media using these #HotWheelsSA #ChallengeAccepted

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Hot Wheels® from us 3 boys!



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  1. Bradley

    Wow 50 years, Both my sons have enjoyed them as much as I did. somehow my youngest son has managed to get a decent collection.

    • Emanuel

      How awesome is that! I’m sure you did too Brad? 🙂 Get the boy(s) 🙂 to make a 50 with the cars and share it on SM using the hashtags on the post …?


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