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As a parent in today’s digital world, you will have heard the word “coding” being mentioned at some point during the school year. Today children as young as 5 are already being introduced to coding at school. So, why exactly is learning to code so important? Coding’s simplest definition is that it tells a computer what the user wants it to do. Understanding the basics of coding can help you understand how things work together on your website. It is important for kids to understand and be able to work with and understand the technology around them. Having children learn coding at a young age prepares them for the future. Coding helps children develop their communication, creativity, math, writing skills but most of all build their confidence. #AD



  1. Creativity as coding involves creating our own designs, graphics, animations basically building our own imaginary  worlds and characters
  2. Problem Solving as it teaches users about problem decomposition, breaking down what seems like a large challenge into a series of smaller achievable steps
  3. Teamwork as the users learn to work as a team, communicating in a team dynamic i.e. discussing, negotiating and compromising with others thus indirectly gaining experience in project management
  4. Empathy as it encourages users to identify a challenge in their world and develop a solution to resolve it
  5. Resilience as it requires the users to spend time and effort to figure out a solution to the challenge they have identified. There’s no greater feeling than one of a sense of achievement. The greater the challenge at hand the greater the joy!






CodeJIKA wants to introduce coding to 250 or more local schools in 2020 by introducing Vocational Web Development into the mainstream curriculum. Offering a platform for educators who want to push their learners to pursue new opportunities, youth empowerment initiative CodeJIKA has developed an easy and cost-effective way for schools to equip their learners with the skills they need for a prosperous future.

Spearheaded by South African non-profit organisation Code for Change, CodeJIKA is an initiative that arms South African high schoolers with digital and coding skills that empower them for digital entrepreneurship or employment. All that’s needed to get the programme underway at your school is a functional PC lab and a slot in the school timetable for one term – the minimum time it takes to teach a basic web development course as a vocational subject.

Schools needn’t worry about costly infrastructure, reliable Internet access or the cost of publishing and delivering updated curricula. All educators need to equip their students for the future is to commit a term to the CodeJIKA programme.

Adopting Web Development as a subject is actually quite simple and can be implemented by schools independently. CodeJIKA works with provinces and districts to provide a one-day training workshop that introduces educators to the curriculum, detailing the programme goals and teaching them how to facilitate web development learning.



“Not only are CodeJIKA graduates prepared to progress with ease into programming or coding-related professions, but they’re also adept critical thinkers and problem solvers with basic project management skills,” says Segolela.  





How to connect with CodeJIKA 

Our youth need to be the creators, not just consumers of technology. This will also aid in accelerating our economy and create opportunities for youth to not only participate in the mainstream economy but have access to jobs and entrepreneurship.


1. Teachers can sign up

 CodeJika is partnering with any provinces, districts and schools that would like to start rolling out coding in secondary schools. 

2. Schools Interested in Offering the 16-lessons course as a subject in 2020

 Sign up now “No-Internet-Needed Event” at your school: 

3. Encourage districts to action now by visiting to get in touch with the CodeJIKA team. 



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