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Inspirational Women 2017 – Mechel Neser nee Campbell – From VP to SAHM

Mechel and I met when we both worked for the same company. Perhaps that we both grew up in small towns is what drew us together. A business trip to Vienna, Austria changed our friendship forever. We went from colleagues to being friends. I believe she was my alter ego (we’ve now grown up) and I grounded her. For the last decade, we’ve shared each other’s low and highs. Attended each other’s weddings and experienced the welcoming home of our only children. We now live across the ocean from each other, but our friendship remains strong. I am sure...

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Our Bush Weekend At Bakubung

What an awesome weekend away we had at the Bakubung Bush Lodge to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary this past weekend. We arrived quite late on Friday evening, having only left literally after work. Our arrival was further delayed due to the lack of signage from the main road leading up to the lodge, or visible signage in the dark of the night.  From the moment we arrived the service and attention from the staff was amazing. Throughout the weekend I didn’t once feel rushed. Spacious rooms at the lodge, delicious meals. Just two hours out of Jozi, it...

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Be Safe with #CarseatFullstop: How to choose a car seat

I’m super passionate about the safety of our son when we’re driving around. Too many stories of how unbuckled children lose their lives unnecessarily only because parents don’t believe it important enough to buckle in their children before they get onto the road. When I was given the opportunity to be part of this years #CarseatFullstop, I jumped at it. If you’re in the market for a car seat upgrade or about to become a parent, here are some tips on how to choose the right car seat for your child.    Purchasing a car seat is the single most...

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Undetectable HIV viral load is Untransmittable

There is increasing evidence confirming that living with HIV and undergoing regular treatment has a, “no chance”, of virus transmission.    How can you be HIV+ yet be Undetectable? This occurs when an HIV+ person is on an Antiretroviral drug (ARVs) and their viral load(the amount of HIV in their body) is low. The viral load is so low it becomes undetectable. An undetectable viral load does not mean a person is cured of HIV. It does mean that the virus has stopped replicating.  A person with an undetectable viral load has no risk of passing on HIV during sex....

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Luxury cruise brand, Cunard, has welcomed its first booking by a same-sex couple following a recent Supreme Court ruling enabling same-sex marriages in Bermuda, where Cunard’s fleet of ships is registered. The ruling means that Cunard, which has offered weddings on its ships for the past five years and has married over 250 couples, is one of the first British cruise lines to be able to conduct same-sex wedding ceremonies at sea. Simon Palethorpe, Senior Vice President, Cunard said: “This is very welcome news for us and I am delighted that we have become one of the first British...

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