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Inspirational Women 2017 – Chevone Petersen (Blogger)

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Inspirational Women

Chevone Petersen a blogger who inspires me through her words, engaging smile and bubbly personality. She is amazing. She is strong, single mom and successfully raising her son. Though life may throw challenges her way, she does not let her circumstances distract her from her goals or provide the best she can for her son Kai. 

This is her story…


How do you define success as a parent? I don’t know, for each, this word has a different meaning, and for some success as a parent could be viewed as something that you only truly recognise and achieve when your child becomes an adult, an independent adult.


It is in the moments of endless joys and tribulations. It is recognising that my vulnerability grew a thousand fold the day I became a mother, long before I birthed my son. A vulnerability that drives me to push the boundaries and parent in a way that resonates with my child.

Some may refer to me as a kick-ass mother, a single parent – one who would go to the absolute ends of this earth for her child. I, however, prefer to not have my parenting defined by status, but rather by my actions. Each day I recognise that I am raising an individual, someone with an independent mind who needs guidance, love, acceptance and encouragement to be the best that he can be. A unique individual whom I subtly empower accepts that he needn’t fit the box of society’s norms and standards and that it is okay for him to just be who he is.


Being a parent leaves me vulnerable. It leaves me anxious, yet hopeful and in love. It enables me to source strength from some of my weakest moments and ignites a passion for focusing on the possibilities that living in the now, and planning for tomorrow holds in store for me, for us.

Allowing my son to lead me in my parenting has been the BEST decision I’ve ever made!

Together we’ve broached the reality of his absent father, “Not a Dad-Dad” and “The Sadness Within”. We’ve also discussed, “The Rights of the Absent Father”. Me, following his lead.

Inspirational WomenThese profound moments aren’t events that you can prepare for, but acknowledging that honesty is the best policy and knowing my child, has allowed me to remain true to my quest to always be open without being too intrusive when it comes to certain challenges that impacts on his emotional and psychological well-being. Our parent-child relationship is founded on a deep trust that whatever I do, any decisions I make, are ALWAYS in his best interest. Always.

Raising a child with special needs, a child whose neurodiversity matches mine can only be described as evolutionary! In my dark moments, I seek out the silver-lining, enabling me to truly unmask this journey to optimism, living and parenting with intent.

To this end I leave you with one of my personal quotes that I aspire to live by:

“The art of success can be found in the ability to acknowledge that failure is not the end. Failure is an opportunity to learn, to teach, to grow and also to let go and dream a new dream” – Chevone Petersen

It is within each one of us to be great, even if no one else recognises this greatness within you!

This post is shared in Chevone Petersen own words.

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  1. Melissa Javan

    You are really inspiring Chev, I’m learning here as a new mom. Thank you for sharing.

    • ChevsLife

      Thanks Melissa. We learn something new everyday!

  2. grosvenor

    Appreciation to my fɑther who stated to me regarding thiѕ web
    site, this webpage is rеally awesome.

    • Manii

      Thank you 🙂


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