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Author: Emanuel

My guide for class moms when addressing letters to “same-sex” and “single dad” parents…

Dear Class Mum, Teachers and Schools, It’s time to adapt, by adapt I don’t mean become politically correct, although many may see it as the same thing… There’s a growing number of single and same-sex parents in our society. What this means is that many of these parents send their children to schools you are a class mom or teach at. Until recently you probably found that most, if not, all the children attending your schools came from households with a male and female parent. Certainly growing up, this was the “norm” in the schools I attended. Today, our society...

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Sex after children .. really?

No, I do not think I’m over sharing here .. I think it’s a very relevant subject …  I need, to be frank, and ask .. do couples continue to have sex after having or adopting children? I’ve heard of incidents where fathers who are present during childbirth are traumatized by the experience that they are put off sex. In some cases fathers experience a drop in their libido too – ok this sounds so impossible but ok – I guess there’s expert research on this. On the flip side, I understand that some mothers go through a period where they believe their...

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