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Month: August 2017

Why do kids bite their friends?

Yesterday hubby picked up our son and was informed that one of the other children in our son’s class decided to take a bite of our son! According to the teacher, they were all outside when the incident happened. Like really!? Last year we had a similar incident at the playschool. Both times as per feedback from the teachers, it was unsolicited. Does my son give out some serious “bite me” pheromone?   pheromone plural noun: pheromones a chemical substance produced and released into the environment by an animal, especially a mammal or an insect, affecting the behaviour or...

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Product Review : Sneaker LAB Premium Shoe Care Kit

I recently got the opportunity to try the “Sneaker Lab Premium Kit”, which is one of the products offered by  Sneaker LAB. The shoe care product range is environmentally friendly, containing no soap or chemicals and uses pro-bacterial technology. Their products are so eco-friendly that even the packaging is suitable for recycling, and the best part is that it’s a South African brand!   The Sneaker Lab Premium Kit I received included: Sneaker LAB Brush Sneaker LAB Wipes Sneaker LAB Cleaner Sneaker LAB Protector Sneaker LAB Odor Protector     Our toddler loves the outdoors, and if there’s mud or water around...

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Why we chose Swimming lessons over Judo…

We’re into week 3 of school this year and that means the start of the extramural activities. Last year our young man participated in KidiSports as we wanted him to be participating in an activity that would benefit his whole body and mind. Being new to the structured school system and parenting of a toddler, we weren’t too sure what activity to put him into. KidiSport seemed like the perfect fit. I still do believe it was the best decision last year.  A year later, and more educated as parents, we decided to pay more attention to what the school...

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Inspirational Women 2017 – Mechel Neser nee Campbell – From VP to SAHM

Mechel and I met when we both worked for the same company. Perhaps that we both grew up in small towns is what drew us together. A business trip to Vienna, Austria changed our friendship forever. We went from colleagues to being friends. I believe she was my alter ego (we’ve now grown up) and I grounded her. For the last decade, we’ve shared each other’s low and highs. Attended each other’s weddings and experienced the welcoming home of our only children. We now live across the ocean from each other, but our friendship remains strong. I am sure...

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Our Bush Weekend At Bakubung

What an awesome weekend away we had at the Bakubung Bush Lodge to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary this past weekend. We arrived quite late on Friday evening, having only left literally after work. Our arrival was further delayed due to the lack of signage from the main road leading up to the lodge, or visible signage in the dark of the night.  From the moment we arrived the service and attention from the staff was amazing. Throughout the weekend I didn’t once feel rushed. Spacious rooms at the lodge, delicious meals. Just two hours out of Jozi, it...

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