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Training on hold… I’m sick – Comrades 2018

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Comrades 2018

It’s been kinda hectic

This past week was one in which I felt less enthusiastic to go for a run. I put it down to the half-marathon that I had run the previous Sunday, that and the mileage I had clocked the past few weeks. By this time I knew better than to push when my body didn’t want to so I kind of let it slide and didn’t venture out onto the road at all last week.

Work had also been pretty manic so I couldn’t go for a short, quick run in the afternoon. Besides, hubby had entered me into the Pirates 10km race the following Sunday which would surely be an opportunity for me to stretch my legs and possibly push for a sub-50?


Feeling Blue

As the week edged closer to the weekend, the morning sore throat lingered longer to the point that I had to start sucking lozenges and was starting to battle to swallow properly. By mid-morning, on Friday it had cleared and I thought nothing more of the dull ache in my joints and muscles that usually signalled the onset of either the flu or my regular sinus infections. On travelling to Pretoria on Saturday for hubby’s 10km race, both our son and I were not feeling great. For the first time in a very long time, our son slept on the back seat, covered with a blanket and his head on a pillow.

How I wished I could join him.

Walking around waiting for hubby to finish, I realised that the prospect of running a good time or even running at all the following day was now only a remote possibility but let’s get to the doc, get some meds and surely I could push through a short 10km race, even if I just shuffled my way through it and finished ?


No Running!

The quick trip to the doctor revealed the expected that both our son and I had a sinus infection. Our son slightly worse off with a middle ear infection too. I tried to cajole my doctor into agreeing that I would still be able to run the following day but thankfully he was adamant and insisted that I not run. First, finish the antibiotics course he was prescribing. 

Comrades 2018At the time I couldn’t decide which emotion was the strongest. I wanted to smile, just grateful that I wouldn’t have to drag my aching body out of bed the next day. The thought of having to drive out to the Pirates race, stand in the cold winter morning and wait for the starter’s gun to go off, was not appealing. On the up-side, I could get into bed, take my meds, read a book, later watch a movie and just cuddle up with my boys and enjoy the fact that I had been told not to run for medical reasons. What about my training, surely I would lose some fitness and this would be a major set back and then I would battle to regain my fitness and maybe suffer in my next race or even battle to finish Comrades in 2018? 

What about my training? Surely I would lose some fitness and this would be a major set back and then I would battle to regain my fitness and maybe suffer in my next race or even battle to finish Comrades in 2018? 



It’s then that I calmed myself down and realised that it would not be the last time I would get sick before Comrades 2018. The Comrades is 10 months away and life is going to happen in between. Instead of being miserable about the fact that I can’t train and get out on the road or in the gym or on my bike, appreciate the forced layoff.

Very often we get so caught up in the training and making sure that we hit our mileage that we don’t respect and appreciate the fact that our bodies can only handle so much. We need to take the foot off the pedal sometimes to recover and just be. Use the ‘off’ time wisely to make sure that you recover properly. Catch up on your reading or reach out to a friend. Spend that hour or two you would have been on the road, with your loved ones. Support them and give them your time and attention and before you know it you will be better and have recovered.

The long lonely road will still be there just waiting for you to get back on and run!


How is your #Comrades2018 training going?

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