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As a dad that enjoys his time in the kitchen, I am first to admit I have some bugbears when it comes to those who use “my kitchen” and don’t leave it how they found it.

I’m sure I am not alone here.

If you empty the dishwasher, what’s stopping you from packing those same clean dishes away? I can’t understand the logic of leaving them on the kitchen counter or making a sandwich and then not clearing away the crumbs when you are done. I can scream!

Here are seven that annoy me in the kitchen. Are there any that are yours too?

  1. Mess the kitchen while cooking
  2. Don’t clean up after yourself when you are done cooking 
  3. Failing to wash the dishes properly
  4. Packing away dishes that haven’t been cleaned properly by the dishwasher
  5. Not cleaning the hob after use
  6. Not cleaning the Airfryer
  7. Dishes piled in the sink

After twenty years of leaving together, we have managed to find a way to sort out some of these, but as my son gets older and has additional responsibilities I find that the lessons have to be taught again. I also try and stay away from the kitchen when my husband is cooking, to avoid becoming annoyed.

Did I leave any other annoying kitchen habits that just irk you?



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