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Last week I was tagged as part of a competition that Llewellyn Lambert was running, and guess what!? I won! Two tickets to the Calum Scott “Only Human South Africa Tour” yesterday, 11 November 2018 at Mark’s Park. Also part of my awesome winnings, wait for it, a night at the beautiful Fairlawns Boutique Hotel and Spa. How awesome is that, the Lord knows how much I need that break! It’s been a hectic year, so hubby and I will thoroughly appreciate it I have NO doubt! 

#CalumScottJoburgNow, although I knew Calum was in the country for some arb reason I assumed his concert was still some time away. I’d seen his InstaStories about his time to South Africa, but the dates for the concert just didn’t click. The first I realised the concert was yesterday was when I received the confirmation on Saturday afternoon that I’d won tickets! OMG! I was THRILLED! In the midst of planning our son’s birthday party, I let hubby know about the tickets. He isn’t familiar with Calum so suggested I get the person who made me aware of the competition to go with. Although I now knew when the concert was, I was under the assumption it would be Sunday evening. I woke up yesterday, met mates for breakfast and leisurely drove home around 11 am. I sit on the sofa and show hubby the tickets on my phone, and only then realised that the concert gates were opening at 12 pm! 

Kanitha and I arrived while much of the crowd was still making their way to Mark’s Park. It was freaking HOT! No shade, but what the heck. It’s not every day we go to concerts being parents. Kanitha has teens, so her kids don’t believe their mother has a life other than to raise them and pay for their own concert tickets. I, on the other hand, can do without the parking fuss. 

The show started with a duo from Stellenbosch, Ben Day and the Concrete Lion – interesting name for a group. I’ve never heard of them until Sunday that is. Ben the main singer was hilarious he may have been slightly in high spirits if you know what I mean. Although they had a list of songs they were going to perform, somehow it wasn’t being followed. Although new to me, there were some in the crowd who seemed to know who they were. I did enjoy them. I’m sitting here typing away to their music, and without the crowds screaming and shouting, I’m liking them. If you’ve never heard of them, give them a chance live when you’re next in the fair Cape area. 




They were followed by the most humble artist I’ve EVER had the honour of seeing LIVE, Nhlanhla aka Majozi! He started his performance with Waiting, while other artists will save their latest song for the middle of their set, he started with it. It was hot, so a creative way to get the crowd going. All alone on the huge stage with his music he had the crowd going from the first note. Throughout his performance he engaged the crowds, he had a member of the crowd, Carlos I think, get onto the stage and play the guitar while he sang. Nhlanhla, came off stage a few times to sing in the crowd and he even let adoring fans to get a few photos with him while he sang. His music is who he is. Easy going, chilled and great to the ear. Stunning performance!




Next on stage was another band I’d also never heard of, this time from Cape Town. Perhaps I need to pay more attention to the artists blooming in Cape Town, clearly, there’s plenty of talent out there. These guys are Opposite The Other, at one point I thought I heard “Ollie de Jager” – don’t ask – and they are a 3 man band with Sam Burger, Robbie Spooner and Dan Burger (I assume Sam and Dan are bros. Would have been nice if Sam had introduced them.  Where do they find these elaborate names? Another chilled performing group. Easy going and crowd engaging. Although new to me and I’m very sure not only me, I enjoyed their music. They’ve been around for at least two years.




These three local opening acts overall were incredible. It was extremely hot when they came on to do their sets before Calum Scott, but they managed to totally get the crowd engaged. We sang along and had a really pleasant time with them while on stage. 

Finally, just before 18h30, Jacaranda FM DJ Danny Painter introduced Calum Scott to us. Roaring scream from the crowd Calum embraced the stage and the crowd from start to finish. His set was an emotional experience. Emotional because every song he shared with us had a heart-wrenching background. Danny warned that he had made the Cape Town and Durban crowds cry, and so did Calum as he started his set. He didn’t disappoint. There were some tears on the stage and looking around, there were some teary eyes too amidst the audience lapping Calum’s every word as he sang to us. He was superb. Calum Scott big break came when he entered Britain’s Got Talent, attaining worldwide recognition from him competing on the show in 2015. His music repertoire is obviously limited, but beautiful. I can’t wait for him to come back to South Africa in the future. For now, listen out for his “Only Human (Special Edition)” album out end of November 2018, it includes his new single “No Matter What” and other new tracks. 




Kanitha and I had a great afternoon, away from our normal Sunday routine. Although extremely hot, it was a memorable chilled afternoon. Well done Jacaranda FM!


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