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Up-and-coming Hip Hop group from Durban, CHILDISH PLAY will soon be on all Hip Hop lovers’ lips as they realise their childhood dreams in the release of their debut EP; S.L.A.D. (standing for Something Like a Dream)

Childish Play is a group of four energetic and tight-knit 20-something friends, based in Durban, who have been together since primary school and regard themselves as brothers. Koby Shaun, Jay D Skillz, Yamez (21-year-olds) and Trevor LC (20) all had one thing drawing them together and that was their passion to entertain people and being the life of the party wherever they go.


“It’s a long journey we gotta race” and they stick to this by showing guts, passion and sheer determination, not only at being artists but also hard workers, in order for them to achieve the big dreams they’re dreaming!” – Childish Play


Childish PlayThey started in primary school as a Gqom dance group and performing on the stage whenever the opportunity presented itself, whether it was a Heritage Concert or a dance battle after school in South Beach, Durban where the boys always hang together. The idea of Hip Hop came from the performing side, knowing they had musical talent and the ambition shown when recording their popular track, Roxy Gang in early 2019. As their popularity grew in the underground Hip Hop scene their talent was recognized by Paul Mndiniso, CEO of Woz’obona PR and Marketing, who helped them establish themselves in those early stages, where they got to perform at events such Woz’eDurban Picnic, Mother Of All Parties and Kwa Dukuza Festival, to name just a few.

Self-managed since January 2020 Childish Play when they started working on their debut EP, Something Like A Dream (S.L.A.D,). The EP has a selection of songs with leniency towards people who are struggling like they are, but it also includes music about how they hope their big music dreams will become a reality.


The EP is about our dreams and the progress we see in reaching them. It is a mixture of different sounds of Hip Hop with songs about our ambitions, where we wish to be in life and where we currently are, Something Like A Dream summarizes this in 6 tracks and within these tracks are our hope and dreams. And we’re fully committed to slogging as hard as we need to, to achieve them.” – Koby Shaun, member of Childish Play


Childish PlayHere is a brief synopsis of what each track means to the group;

  1. SLAD (intro), To inspire others to keep hustling and it will all be ‘something like a dream’ when they reap what they sow.
  2. Bustdown, is the single release on the EP that is about getting a bustdown which they say “is a diamond you earned” on a watch or a chain
  3. Celebrate, A song with a very chilled vibe that has a simple but a very much-needed meaning, “Don’t worry it will be all right in the end” 
  4. Dope boy, is sure to get everybody on the dance floor a song with a beautiful message as it entails the group’s story 
  5. Ouh Yeah Yeah: this song is the party anthem, encouraging the listener to “enjoy your life and live it, don’t just be alive”
  6. SLAD (outro): as Jay D Skillz would say “as you look at your life and put it on a scale but your talent is not measured you must push down on the scale and sweat”, meaning they know they have the skill and talent but it seems they need to push harder.
  7. S.L.A.D. is now available for download and streaming across all digital platforms or here

A music video for SLAD (outro) will be dropping within the next week, be first to know by following them on their various social media platforms.

Instagram:    childishplay_sa


Twitter:           @ChildishPLay_SA


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