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This morning we got to watch the newly released family movie Jungle Beats, The Movie. It was the perfect start to our Saturday. Under the blankets enjoying our galatical breakfast.  It’s a stunning movie, with a brilliant message, the power of Friendship and Hugs. 

It is a family-friendly adventure that’s bound to get you connecting with your kids. I certainly have, suddenly hugs are cool! Jungle Beats is a 2020 Mauritian computer-animated film directed by Brent Dawes, based on the characters of the television series Jungle Beat.The film premiered at the 2020 Annecy International Animated Film Festival in June. The opening sound tract will definitely sounds familiar to the South African family.

One morning, the animals of the jungle wake up to discover that they can speak. They’re even more amazed when they learn the reason why: There’s an alien in the jungle! Little FNEEP has come to conquer the planet and has brought some crazy tech with him, including a translation device that lets them talk for the first time.

Unfortunately for the intergalactic Scaldronian empire, but fortunately for the jungle, Fneep is a terrible conqueror: He’s homesick, he’s crashed his ship, and he’s no match for the antics of MUNKI, TRUNK and the gang.

Our heroes won’t let a little alien conquest get in the way of a good time or a new friend! As the animals help him on his journey home, he learns that friendship could be the greatest force in the universe. But is it a match for a spaceship full of aliens?

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Don’t miss it, or you may just miss out! 🙂

photo credit: JustWatch

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