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Le Tour Berario (Kidical Mass Berario)

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Kidical Mass Berario

DATE: 30 July 2017

TIME: 14h45 for 15h00

To enter click here

VENUE: Berario Recreation Centre






  • Kids on bikes with parents on bikes 
  • 2x 5km laps of Berario ideal for the confident riders (2nd lap optional)
  • For the Kidical Tikes (push bikes and training wheels), round the beacons at a flat parking lot. Perfect encouragement for the full distance one day
  • Everyone starts at the Berario Recreational Centre
  • The theme for JULY: WEAR YELLOW OR SOMETHING FRENCH OR BRING SOMETHING FRENCH (in celebration of the biggest cycling spectacle in the WORLD LeTour De France)

Kidical Mass Berario


  • increased cardiovascular fitness
  • increased muscle strength and flexibility
  • improved joint mobility
  • decreased stress levels
  • improved posture and coordination
  • strengthened bones
  • reduced anxiety and depression

This is a great event for the whole family to participate in, mid afternoon just before you need to start preparing for the new week of school and work. Best part, it’s FREE!

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