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My husband loves to travel.

It doesn’t really matter where the travel takes him, as long as he gets to leave home for a few days to relax, he’s in heaven.

In life, we have what I consider the efficient traveller, me, and the “over-compensater” traveller, my husband. Regardless of the length of time of his trip, hubby packs for every. single. eventuality. Needless to say, he is usually over the allocated weight allowance. 

This week he is off on an exciting domestic group trip to #CapeTown and #Langebaan hosted by #SoulTravellerSA. An amazing opportunity for him to experience the Western Cape afresh from different angles. As it’s a short trip, I really don’t want him packing the usual 5 sweaters, 3 formal shirts – in case he has to dine out – and formal pants, 5 pairs of jeans – he doesn’t believe in wearing the same pair twice, you get the picture. 



  1. THE BAG – It’s a 5-day trip so he doesn’t need a large suitcase, one of those take-on trolley bags will do just fine. You know the ones that fit snuggly into the overhead compartment. There’s really no need for anything more. You’re going away to relax and not shop for goodness sake. The keepsakes you buy while on the trip should be small enough to fit into your backpack.
  2. CLOTHING – You’re not moving house, right?! Pack light! Check the weather at your destination, and pack appropriately. The Cape has been overcast the last few days with a spot of sunshine. 5 lightweight t-shirts, a pair of jeans – which he will wear on his trip down – allows for 2 pairs of shorts, socks and a light sweater for the cool evenings.  
  3. UNDERWEAR – Take a pair for each day, max 5. If you happen to run out for whatever reason before your trip is over, dude, wash a pair in the shower. 
  4. SHOES – If you’re part of a group on your travel, wear a pair of comfortable takkies with your jeans and pack a pair of comfortable slippers for the evenings. Shoes are heavy, it’s a short trip and there’s really no need for more. 
  5. TOILETRIES – You don’t need more than 1 bottle of cologne, underarm, comb, toothbrush and toothpaste. There’s no need to take “in case” medication. If it’s not chronic medication, I’m quite sure there will be a chemist you can buy the headache tablets from. 
  6. TECHNOLOGY – You’re going on a short break, you really don’t need anything more than your phone, tablet, charger and Powerbank. You don’t need anything more, you’re just adding extra weight that you can do without by adding that laptop. The phone and tablet will allow you to stay in touch just as well. 
  7. BUY – If you forget something, shop for it at your destination!



This is hubby’s second group tour with Soul Traveller Tours. They put together extraordinary adventures to spark human connections, personal insights, local awareness and the courage to be yourself through domestic travel in South Africa. Allowing you to experience our beautiful country through fresh eyes leaving you with warm memories of the experiences they create. (AD)





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