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Unsurprisingly, we discovered Drysdales Chilli Gin quite by accident about a month back. We love the bite that it leaves after the first sip, just enough to make you want more. What we loved even more about this particular gin, is that it is produced locally, and I mean, like right here in Johannesburg. (#AD)


Fathers Day + GIN + Hamper + GiveawayThe Dynamite Distilling Company is the creation of Ian Cameron, and his lifelong dream to have his own distillery. The vision was to create handcrafted gin of the same quality and standards as those being produced globally. A distillery that consistently produces outstanding quality products that can be compared to the highest global standards. Testimony to this dream, are the awards that they have won at the 2018 Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards even before the trading license was granted!

Their products are the perfect blend of innovation, science, technology and art, found in their motto of “We will not make boring gin!” 

Ian Cameron’s youngest son, Jedd Cameron is passionate about the world of distilling. He has been involved in the company almost from inception, helping out at the distillery in between homework and school exams. According to Ian Cameron, Jedd recently completed the Comprehensive Distillers Course, endorsing that saying “if you love your job, you will never work a day”, by achieving the top scores for the course. Today he is the youngest qualified distiller in South Africa at 18 years old. Jedd is extremely passionate about his products and thoroughly believes that as a craft distiller, he leaves a bit of his soul in every bottle!!

They currently have 3 Gin varieties, the Drysdales Chilli Gin, Drysdales Floral, Drysdales Jozi Dry. A visit to their distillery at 31 High Street, Modderfontein, Gauteng, is an immersive experience that every gin lover would want to experience again and again. They are open for tastings and a tour of the distillery on the below days and times, contact them on +27 11 608 0382 to make a booking;

Mon – Fri, 9:00am – 3:30pm

Saturday, 10:00am – 2:00pm


athers Day + GIN + Hamper + GiveawayWHAT IS GIN?

According to Wikipedia Gin is a distilled alcoholic drink that derives its predominant flavour from juniper berries (Juniperus communis). 

From its earliest origins, Gin has evolved from herbal medicine to a spirit drink that we’ve come to adore. Gin was developed based on the older Dutch liquor, jenever, and became popular in London, UK, when William of Orange became King William III of England.

Today, Gin is produced in subtly different ways. Starting from a range of herbal ingredients, then with juniper, gin can be flavoured with botanical/herbal, spice, floral or fruit-flavours like Chilli or Lavender producing two of the amazing Drysdales Gin flavours. Gin is mostly consumed mixed with a tonic water of your choice. 



I’m sure you’ve noticed that every bar or restaurant that you visit lately encourages you to grab one of their gin special offers. Visit the local farmer’s markets and there’s an array of craft gins to select from. 

Craft gin is distilled in small batches, as it’s created by a craft gin enthusiast for craft gin lovers to enjoy. Like Ian and Jedd Cameron, Craft gin distillers tend to source their ingredients locally, placing their passion for gin into the creation of their gin.


“It truly feels like I leave a bit of my soul in every bottle of gin I produce” – Jedd Cameron 



Fathers Day + GIN + Hamper + GiveawayHOW TO ENJOY A GIN LIKE A CONNOISSEUR



  1. an expert judge in matters of taste.
    “a connoisseur of music”
    synonyms: expert judge (of), authority (on), specialist (in)

To be honest, I’m convinced that many of us drink gin as it’s served at your local bar or restaurant, rarely questioning how it’s served. While at home, you pour your double shot of Gin, you are home after all, and enjoy it without much fuss! Is there an art to enjoying a glass of gin? Apparently so

  1. Leave the tonic and garnish out so that you can taste the workmanship that went into producing the Drysdales Gin, thus developing your gin palate
  2. The glass, the gin is served in, makes all the difference it seems. It allows you to “nose” the gin more comfortably, so serve in a curved glass
  3. Swirl your glass before taking the first sip, in order to incorporate air with the Drysdales Gin spirit
  4. Finally, you get to “nose it” like a pro (tilt the glass towards your nose, take a gentle sniff of the aroma, that ranges from ‘fruity’ to ‘floral’ or even ‘woody’)
  5. Now it’s time to enjoy the Drysdales Gin
    1. The first sip, see if you taste the flavours you ‘sniffed’
    2. Like enjoying a glass of wine, let the gin swirl around in your mouth and again detect the aromas you ‘sniffed’ 
    3. Swallow the Drysdales Gin and take a moment to see which taste lingers



This beautiful Drysdales Gin Hamper is up for grabs! Valued at R500.00 and just in time for Fathers Day on the 16th June 2019!

Fathers Day + GIN + Hamper + Giveaway



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  9. Prize can not be exchanged for Cash
  10. Prize to be delivered by Dynamite Distilling

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