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An Opera fit for the whole family is in town. If you’ve ever been curious about the Arts or more specifically the Opera, why not take this opportunity to introduce it to the family through the Johannesburg International Mozart Festival. 

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What do you do if a scary monster has kidnapped you because of your magic voice, and not one of your brothers can save you? You use your own initiative, of course! Tintinyane, a beautiful tale written by Corlie Fourie, orchestrated by Peter Klatzow, and narrated by the inimitable Peter Terry is one of the reasons you need to bring your children to experience this year’s Johannesburg International Mozart Festival (JIMF).

From January 26 until February 4 this delightful festival, now in its tenth year, will amaze and entertain, amuse and challenge you to see and hear the opposites – the villains and victors, the men and women, the brothers and sisters, the high notes and low ones in the world’s most beautiful music.

Taking place in no less than eight venues in Johannesburg, the festival has much to appeal to your children, with the potted version of Mozart’s Magic Flute, featuring the man with a voice like an angel, tenor Nicholas Nicolaidis and Jessica Ng, Chinese soprano starring as the queen of the night.

Mozart was only six years old when he started playing multiple musical instruments in public, but his music is not (only) child’s play, as the directors of this festival, Richard Cock and Florian Uhlig, will show you. There’s something in the programme to enchant you, whether you are 6 or 96 and everything in between.

If you’re up for some of this festival’s delightful chestnuts, such as the Orchestra from Scratch, which sees novice musicians making up one giant orchestra, or Conduct the Orchestra, which puts businessmen on the podium with a baton in hand, you won’t be disappointed. Cinema Improvisando, an outdoor screening of a 1918 silent movie accompanied by Paul Hanmer on the keyboard also features, and of course, there is all the pomp and circumstances of the Viennese New Year’s concert, a week before the festival officially begins. Not to forget a concert by Buskaid, with both early music and contemporary kwela on the menu for you.

As always, the festival features a Composer-in-Residence. In the past festival-goers have experienced and learned more about the works of Peter Klatzow, Paul Hanmer, Clare Loveday and others. This year, there is not one but two Composers-in-Residence – Matthijs van Dijk and Lungiswa Plaatjies. Both from Cape Town, these talented composers form part of an ensemble ignominiously called ShhArt.

New music more your thing? No problem! You will get to listen to experimental and contemporary work by Cara Stacy, Arthur Feder and Nompostile Nyiki in ways that you could not have anticipated, as well as new South African pieces workshopped and pulled together by the SshArt ensemble in the closing concert.

But that’s not all: JIMF’s 2018 programme also boasts an evening with the wonderful Charl du Plessis trio who will set your heart on fire, as well as the annual association with the Johannesburg Musical Society that brings Lithuanian pianist Muza Rubackyte on board.

History doesn’t fall out of the equation in the thinking of this festival either. On January 27, it’s the International Holocaust Memorial Day, and the Mozart Festival, in collaboration with the Turkish Embassy in Pretoria, is hosting a moving and powerful screening of a documentary which tells the story of Lina Kantor (Amato), who escaped from Rhodes Island during the time of the Holocaust.

This year’s festival promises to bring the magical spirit of music into your life in a way you won’t believe until you’ve experienced it. Don’t hesitate in clearing your diary for one fantastic recital after another. Experiencing classical music will never be the same again.


Ticket prices and booking information

BOOK AT COMPUTICKET for all events at the Linder Auditorium complex (including the Space Frame Theatre), St Francis of Assisi Anglican Church, the Deutsche Schule Johannesburg, Holy Trinity Catholic Church and Northwards House.

T: +27 (0)861 915 8000 |

Linder Auditorium
Viennese New Year Concerts (20 & 21 January 2018)
Categories:  1 = R 310 | 2 = R 285 | 3 = R 250 | 4 = R 190
10% reduction for seniors (65+) & Students applies to pre-concert bookings for the above concert only.

Opening Concert (27 January 2018)
Categories:  1 = R 310 | 2 = R 285 | 3 = R 250 | 4 = R 190
10% reduction for seniors (65+) & Students applies to pre-concert bookings for the above concert only.

Piano Recital with MUZA RUBACKYTE (3 February 2018)
Categories: 1 = R 230 | 2 = R 190 | Students = R 40

Family Concert (4 February 2018)
Adults = R 150 | Children (under 13) = R 100 | Family ticket (2 adults & 2 children) = R 400

Space Frame Theatre
Closing Concert (4 February 2018)
Adults  = R 230 | Students & 65+ = R 195

T: +27 (0)11 447 2295 |
BASA Conduct the Orchestra (2 February 2018)
Entrance by donation at the door.

T: +27 (0)73 471 9154 |
Premiere Screening (27 January 2018)
Entrance is FREE

Northwards House
All recitals (except 28 January 2018)
Adults  = R 200 | Students & 65+ = R 165

Chamber Music Concert (28 January 2018)
All tickets: R 295
(includes a light supper and wine)

Deutsche Schule Johannesburg
The Recycled Magic Flute
Adults = R 150 | Children (under 13) = R 100 | DSJ Learners = R50
Family ticket (2 adults & 2 children) = R 400

Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Buskaid Soweto String Ensemble (3 February 2018)
All tickets = R200 | 65+ & Students = R150

Goethe Institute
New Music Event (27 January 2018) = FREE

St Francis of Assisi, Parkview
All Concerts
All Tickets: R 185

Scott Gym
T: +27 (0)79 233 2569 |
Orchestra from Scratch
Participation fee = R70
Entrance by donation at the door. No need to book in advance to attend this concert.

Bioscope Theatre
T: +27 (0)10 007 0119 |

Cinema Improvisando (30 January 2018)

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TWITTER: @JoinMozartFest 


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