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Yahto Kraft + Washed Away

Yahto Kraft (Photo Credit P.J. Hougaard


YAHTO KRAFT dropped his new single WASHED AWAY today Friday 31, July 2020. One word describes it to me, POWERFUL!

He first burst onto the music scene when his heartfelt debut single UGLY released back in April. This new single was written especially for Yahto by Ruth Rozanne Kahts back in 2016, a James Bond inspired introspective ballad that emphasizes moving on from your past and leaving the hurt behind. WASHED AWAY deals with themes of loss and love in the present, as well as the past.

With its powerful, soul-searching lyrics, It was a song that instantly resonated with Yahto, especially with various issues he was dealing with at the time. It has been on the back burner waiting for him to record. The moment is finally here!

Bravo Yahto! It was worth the wait!


“Back in 2016 when this song was written, I had just written my first single and was heavily leaning on my friends and family to help me get out of that funk. They were the rain that washed away all the pain I had gone through in the year, and I was feeling like a new and refreshed person.” – Yahto



WASHED AWAY is available now for streaming and downloading on digital platforms by clicking here.



Yahto is an energetic, passionate artist with a true love for the stage and performing who is currently working on his own material. He wants to be a light for those in the darkness. A strong voice in the LGBTQIA+ community, he hopes the world can come together and he wants his music to help with that.

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