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Following the release of her 2019 debut single ‘Me & Myself‘, MARIANTHE only 18, dropped her new single ‘Over You‘, yesterday, ahead of Valentine’s Day weekend.

Typically a song not normally associated with the lover’s weekend, but oh how the lyrics ring true for so many. She shares a reality for so many of us, when we’ve broken up with that person we so thought would be with us forever. Only it doesn’t, and the turmoil we all encounter when trying to move on, when our heart pulls us in a different direction. 


“I’ve followed Marianthe for the past five years, watching her entertain audiences on stages, often times alongside some of South Africa’s industry heavyweights. With each performance she gets better and better. She is stepping seamlessly into writing her own material and in so doing, finding a place for her life experiences to be explored and told through her songs. She is a powerhouse vocalist and together with this strong production of Over You, I’m sure her song will be belted out by many in their homes.” – Matthew Marinus (Upstream Worldwide)


Beautifully composed by Marianthe and industry greats Tjaart van der Walt and Matthew Marinus, ‘Over You’ , is about the aftermath of a relationship breakup. The emotions you experience as the lover that is accepting the reality that the relationship you thought would be forever, has come to an end. Who hasn’t been there. The song deals with the process that we go through accepting the situation and having to to move on while still hurting, the importance of finding the strength within yourself in order to move on with life. Lyrics ideal for our teens experiencing their first breakup, but also one so many of us can relate to at some stage of our lives. The song will have you tapping your feet or bopping your head through the traffic. Definitely one to add to your gym playlist. 


Matt, Tjaart and I have been working on this single since last year. It went through many dierent stages and directions so being able to finally release it is a huge relief. Not because we eventually finished it, but because this final product is one that we are all so proud of and really enjoyed making together. I’m so excited to be able to share it with everyone. I’ve witnessed a few of my friends go through breakups and heartbreaks. I’ve watched how they have healed and become stronger. They’ve learnt how to become the best new version of themselves and this is the exact meaning behind my single.” – Marianthe (Singer, Songwriter)


Marianthe hails from sunny Durban in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, entering the entertainment industry at the tender age of 13(2015) as part of the ‘Born to Perform’s Gala Concert’ with a rendition of “Don’t Rain On My Parade”. She’s since been invited to perform in the ‘Supreme Divas’, perform with the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra, Born to Perform’s ‘SHINE!’ and recalled to perform for ‘Born to Perform Gala Concert’. In 2017 Marianthe reached the semi-finals of the popular reality show, SA’s Got Talent. Recently matriculated (Class of 2019), at 18 she has already managed to secure on stage performances on ‘Shrek’, ‘Sinbad’ and ‘Annie’ as well as performing at the Hilton Arts Festival. She has also proven to be a popular choice as a guest artist for industry giants such as Jonathan Roxmouth, Samantha Peo and Swing City. She’s currently attending Stageworx Performing Arts School in Johannesburg as she prepares for her upcoming Trinity ATCL exams in Musical Theatre. 


I’m so excited to be releasing my second single Over You. The timing feels so perfect because I have just started a new chapter in my life with new beginnings and I’m also releasing my new song.” – Marianthe


Over You is available now across all major digital platforms








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