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Race Review : Clicks Wierie Road Race

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Race ReviewThe Clicks Wierie Road Race was hosted by Denel Athletics Club took place Sunday 12th August. A beautiful crispy fresh morning. 

From last weekend 8 am race start, this race started at 6h30 am. Waiting for the race to begin, it didn’t feel too cold. To be honest it felt just right, not too cold nor too warm. It all changed once the race started.


Literally took me all of the first 6km to warm up. I clearly didn’t take into account the wind factor from the running. 

Distance: 21.1km, 10km, 5km Fun Run

Weather: Although not Spring just yet, it was a beautiful Winter morning. I regret not having worn a t-shirt under my club running vest. 

Parking: Plenty of parking within walking distance to the start of the race. 

Organisation: Entry and number collection was smooth sailing, thanks to my running club MiWay Warriors managing this on behalf of the “lucky” Warriors that won entries to this race. Entry overall straightforward and number collection on the day was seamless. The start of the race was easy to locate.

Marshalling: The marshals were helpful along the route.

Water Tables: Water tables located along the route seem to have enough water for the runners, adding that the first 10km was still reasonably cool. It was interesting though that there was no coke available along the route. Unusual to offer something other than Coke or Cream Soda the “standard”. Are you participating in the #runclean initiative? There was plenty of Coke at the finish. 

Are you participating in the #runclean initiative? There was plenty of Coke at the finish. 


Do you run/walk with your own bottle at the races?


Race ReviewMedals: A cute medal from this race, but as I’ve mentioned before little imagination went into it. 

Overall: A great route.The first 6-7km relatively easy, not too many hectic climbs to deal with. After that though all the way to the finish we climbed. As the legs had warmed up by 6th kilometre the climbs were easier to face, not necessarily easy to deal with. The race itself did not feel like a race, but rather a nice large club run. I enjoyed that about the morning and the race. 

Parking was easier than one normally has to deal with in the larger more popular races. At the venue itself, very little fuss and easy to get around before and post the race. Definitely, one to enter again next year I reckon. 

For race results, and if like me you need them for Vitality points this is where you should begin your search. 

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