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For a while now we’ve been exploring local bookshops for any books that might depict our unique modern-family just as the title of our blog so aptly describes, our family is made up of two dads and our son.

Bargain Books + Two Dads And A KidYou can imagine our excitement when we were asked to review two children’s books, “The Girl With Two Dads” by Mel Elliott and “Perfectly Different” by Sarah Tavola, illustrated by Sinan Hallak. I wasn’t the only one, as our son’s first response when he read the first title was of pleasant surprise! He finished reading the title with a huge grin on his face. At this moment I realised how important it was for him to be exposed to stories that also depict his type of family despite it being so different from those of his friends and classmates but no less special and relevant. #sponsored

Ideal Age 3+

The Girl With Two Dads” by Mel Elliott is an easy read for both parents and child alike. If, like our son, your child is at the stage where they are starting to learn how to read, it’s perfect! The large print and easy language are extremely child-friendly, and the illustrations make it easy for kids to read and understand the storyline. 

Matilda has two dads and starts at a new school where she and Pearl become “besties“. Pearl soon realises that Matilda’s family structure is different from hers and believes that this means that life must definitely be loads more fun at Matilda’s home. To Pearl’s surprise, life at Matilda’s two dads household isn’t any different to her own, with a mom and dad. 

Yay/Nay – YAY, I HIGHLY recommend it!


Another book that speaks volumes about our family is “Perfectly Different” by Sarah Tavola, illustrated by Sinan Hallak. We’re perfectly different from what has been the norm in our society for Bargain Books + Two Dads And A Kidyears. This is another book that’s awesome if your kids are starting to read, the large print makes it easy for the kids to read, and the illustrations by Sinan Hallak make it super easy for the kids to understand the storyline.

Ideal Age +3

Billy in conversation with his mom shares how much he likes his friends but they all look different! From how different their taste in clothing is, to how different they are in demeanour and how even their hair differs. None of his friends are completely alike, but does that mean one is better than the other? His mom addresses each difference individually and I especially love this particular quote as it encompasses why we should be embracing our differences, perfectly! “Different chords in a choir create the perfect tune, it takes lots of different characters to make the best cartoon“. Love it!

Both books are awesome! If you’re looking to introduce the diversity of our modern society to your kids then don’t hesitate to share both these books with them. Nowadays the probability of your child attending school with a child that is being raised in a same-sex or adoptive household is very likely. If you’re a same-sex parent household or a family that has adopted children these books are an amazing way to get the kids to embrace their family structure and ‘normalize’ their families a little more.

Both are great books to celebrate inclusivity and diversity, with all our kids regardless of their family structure, be it a same-sex household or a household made up of cross-cultural family members. Both are great reads that I would recommend schools add them to their class reading library so teachers can use it as an educational tool to simplify a very unique and delicate message to the kids. 

Yay/Nay – YAY, I HIGHLY recommend it.

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