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Undetectable HIV viral load is Untransmittable

There is increasing evidence confirming that living with HIV and undergoing regular treatment has a, “no chance”, of virus transmission.    How can you be HIV+ yet be Undetectable? This occurs when an HIV+ person is on an Antiretroviral drug (ARVs) and their viral load(the amount of HIV in their body) is low. The viral load is so low it becomes undetectable. An undetectable viral load does not mean a person is cured of HIV. It does mean that the virus has stopped replicating.  A person with an undetectable viral load has no risk of passing on HIV during sex....

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Luxury cruise brand, Cunard, has welcomed its first booking by a same-sex couple following a recent Supreme Court ruling enabling same-sex marriages in Bermuda, where Cunard’s fleet of ships is registered. The ruling means that Cunard, which has offered weddings on its ships for the past five years and has married over 250 couples, is one of the first British cruise lines to be able to conduct same-sex wedding ceremonies at sea. Simon Palethorpe, Senior Vice President, Cunard said: “This is very welcome news for us and I am delighted that we have become one of the first British...

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Inspirational Women 2017 – Taryn van Schalkwyk – nee Simpson (IP Lawyer)

When I met Taryn, she was still very much a Simpson and dating her now husband Jason. From the day I met her I found her charismatic and driven. A woman sure of herself and determined to leave her mark in the world. I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to see her evolve both in her career and family life. Initially more my hubby’s mate, today I find it’s her and I going off for a cuppa coffee somewhere so our sons can have some fun outdoors.    This is her story… My journey has been a privileged...

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Race Review : Clicks Wierie Road Race

The Clicks Wierie Road Race was hosted by Denel Athletics Club took place Sunday 12th August. A beautiful crispy fresh morning.  From last weekend 8 am race start, this race started at 6h30 am. Waiting for the race to begin, it didn’t feel too cold. To be honest it felt just right, not too cold nor too warm. It all changed once the race started. Brrrrr. Literally took me all of the first 6km to warm up. I clearly didn’t take into account the wind factor from the running.  Distance: 21.1km, 10km, 5km Fun Run Weather: Although not Spring just yet, it...

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SPLASH! The Water Circus

SPLASH! – The Water Circus SPLASH! Is a circus for the modern-age, presenting a variety of all circus genres, but with a unique, visual twist. The traditional acts look completely different as they are presented in – or above – a 12-metre diameter pool of water. Accompanying this is a dazzling lighting and laser show which perfectly displays the impressive body manipulation and contortion feats amongst a series of water fountains.  An absolutely must watch for the whole family, I say!? Date         19 Aug to 17 Sep 2017 Thursdays and Fridays      20h00 Saturdays  ...

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